gears of war 2

  • Marcus Fenix spills the beans on GoW 2

    [photopress:800px_Johndimaggio.jpg,full,pp_image] You may know voice actor John DiMaggio from hit cartoons such as Futurama where he’s the voice of the lovable robot, Bender. Speaking of which, has anyone seen the new Futurama movie that came out earlier this year? Any good? He also played Ballmer in “Pirates of Silicon Valley.” Anyway, it just so happens that he’s… Read More

  • Video: Gears of War 2 teaser trailer We’re working on getting the video, but I took a few screen grabs so everyone at work can drool. For those at home, check here or jump onto Xbox Live now. I’ve included the box art as well. Read More

  • Gears of War 2 available for pre-order

    It’s only 11 months away, but that didn’t seem to stop anyone from pre-ordering Halo 3 last year, either. I have to credit GOW for bringing me back into the gaming world. Sure, I played my PS2 every now and again, but now I’m on my 360 night and day. It’s not healthy, but at least it’s better then my crack addiction, though I could die from a marathon… Read More

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