• Coda Automotive Taps GE To Sell Chargers Alongside The Coda Sedan

    Coda Automotive Taps GE To Sell Chargers Alongside The Coda Sedan

    Well, it looks like Coda Automotive — makers of the zero emissions all-electric Coda Sedan — and General Electric (a name that requires no introduction) have teamed up to sell the Coda Sedan and the GE WattStation Wall Mount EV Charger in the same retail outlets. Many of us are already feeling that a shift toward electric vehicles is the responsible decision, but a change that… Read More

  • GE Opens New Software Center In The Bay Area

    GE Opens New Software Center In The Bay Area

    GE is announcing the establishment of a new Global Software Center to be headquartered San Francisco. The new center will employ approximately 400 software developers. The company’s current software portfolio includes technologies that help businesses improve productivity and increase cost savings, specifically in terms of operating power plants, jet engines, electric vehicle… Read More

  • GE To Build Largest U.S. Solar Factory In Colorado

    GE To Build Largest U.S. Solar Factory In Colorado

    GE has announced plans to spend $600 million on a new solar factory located in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado. The factory, which begins operations in 2012, will be capable of producing enough solar panels per year to generate 400 megawatts of power, or enough energy to power 80,000 homes. When completed, the factory will be bigger than 11 football fields – soon to be the… Read More

  • GE Invests Up to $40 Million in eSolar

    GE Invests Up to $40 Million in eSolar

    General Electric Co. (GE) bought a minority stake in the California-based solar company eSolar this week. As a result of the deal, Paul Browning, President and CEO of Thermal Products for GE Energy, will join eSolar’s Board of Directors. ESolar already had a licensing agreement with GE Energy, which granted it exclusive worldwide rights to eSolar’s modular technology for its… Read More

  • A Wind Farm In Oregon Draws $100 Million Investment From Google's Treasury

    Google Inc.’s putting another $100 million into large-scale, renewable energy projects. The company’s director of green business operations, Rick Needham, revealed Monday in a post to the corporate blog: [Google] invested approximately $100 million in the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm…currently under construction near windy Arlington, Ore. When completed in 2012 [the plant]… Read More

  • Ioxus Raises $21 Million For Improved Power Storage Technology

    A New York-based clean tech startup, Ioxus, raised a $21 million investment from Energy Technology Ventures (a GE-NRG Energy-ConocoPhillips joint fund), Northwater Capital, Aster Capital and their previous backers Braemar Energy Ventures, the companies announced today. Ioxus makes lithium-ion hybrid capacitors, and ultracapacitors, which are (often alongside other battery technology) used… Read More

  • Coulomb Tweaks Electric Vehicle Chargers For Europe, Ready For Nissan LEAF

    Coulomb Technologies — a Campbell, Calif. company that makes electric vehicle charging stations, related apps and network technology — today revealed new features and certifications that should help the company grow its business in European markets, and prepare for the Nissan LEAF to hit the streets. One new feature of the company’s ChargePoint network allows… Read More

  • GE Buys Electrical Engineering Company Converteam For Up To $3.7 Billion

    GE Energy this morning announced that it has acquired a stake of approximately 90 percent of Converteam, a France-based provider of electrification and automation equipment and systems, for approximately $3.2 billion. Converteam’s senior management will retain the remaining stake in the company, but GE has agreed to purchase their shares over the next two to five years for a price that… Read More

  • GE Discovers New Breakthrough Material For Thermal Management In Electronics

    As electronics become more advanced, we approach a point where normal materials like copper simply cannot take the heat. For computing to get any faster, better cooling solutions will be needed — we’ve known this for a while. GE recently announced that their scientists at the GE Global Research Center have discovered a new thermal material that is a major science breakthrough. Read More

  • Good Thing For Green Tech? GE Chief, Jeff Immelt, To Chair Obama's Council On Jobs

    On Friday, President Obama appointed General Electric’s chief executive, Jeff Immelt — an advocate for carbon cap-and-trade — chairman of his panel of outside economic advisors, the newly branded Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. GE is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of clean energy and related technologies. The company makes everything from large wind… Read More

  • GE To Buy Lineage Power, Makers Of Green Data Center Equipment, For $520 Million

    Consumer and business uptake of cloud computing, mobile internet voice, video and real-time data are increasing energy demand dramatically among data centers, telecom and IT service providers. Anticipating the trend will continue for quite some time, General Electric (GE) today announced its plan to acquire Lineage Power Holdings from Los Angeles private equity firm, Gores Group, for $520… Read More