• Canonical’s Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Service Comes To The Mac

    Canonical’s Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Service Comes To The Mac

    Canonical isn’t just the company behind the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, but with Ubuntu One, it also offers a cloud storage service with 5GB of free storage space, as well as a music locker, and support for Android, iOS, Windows and, starting today, OS X. Read More

  • Eat the Document

    Eat the Document

    With all the press releases masquerading as news, Techmeme has felt more like Craiglist for articles in the past few months, or is it years. But recently we finally got some real news, when Google of all people released Gdrive. We knew of course that it was coming, but not how it would actually feel when it got here. I haven’t signed up yet, but already it’s a big deal for… Read More

  • Thanks Google, It Only Took You Six Years

    Thanks Google, It Only Took You Six Years

    Today’s launch of Google Drive, official at last, is kind of a relief. Internet rumors and reports have seen the industry discussing the possibility of a consumer-facing cloud storage service called “GDrive,” since as far back as 2006. Of course, then, the product in development was an internal-only tool used by Google employees – not the Dropbox-like competitor… Read More

  • The GDrive Plot Thickens: Google Docs Users Now Have 5GB Of Space

    The GDrive Plot Thickens: Google Docs Users Now Have 5GB Of Space

    User Hariprasanth sent us a strange missive: it seems that if you upload something to Google Docs today, your storage space immediately increases from 1GB to 5GB. I didn’t believe him at first – it said 1GB as I was uploading – but immediately after the upload finished it read 5GB. Given everything we know about GDrive so far, including that it should launch with 5GB free… Read More

  • Aaron Levie Co-Founder of Box on Mobile Clouds

    Box CEO Aaron Levie: Why We’re Not Afraid Of Google Drive

    Box has become a major player in the tech world since its launch some six years ago. The company, which provides cloud data storage and enterprise collaboration tools, has more than doubled its headcount in the past year alone to a staff of more than 400, attracted more than $150 million in venture capital, and currently counts more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 as customers. But… Read More

  • Test Page For GDrive Appearing In Google Search Results

    Test Page For GDrive Appearing In Google Search Results

    In case there was still any doubt about the long-rumored “GDrive’s” existence, a page now appearing on Google’s search results offers a pretty clear indication that something is going on. On – the online word processing service Google acquired in 2006 –  a test page is now appearing with a title that reads “test page for Platypus… Read More

  • Yet More Proof Of “Google Drive”

    Yet More Proof Of “Google Drive”

    About a week ago, I noted that Google may be on the verge of resurrecting the “GDrive” project, also known as “Google Drive”. The service, which was previously used internally at Google under the codename “Platypus”, was killed off in 2008. But code found in Chromium recently suggested that it may be making a comeback. Specifically, there was a note to add… Read More

  • Google May Be On The Verge Of Resurrecting “GDrive”

    Google May Be On The Verge Of Resurrecting “GDrive”

    In 2006, Google was internally testing a project codenamed “Platypus”, an online storage service. When it was accidentally disclosed during an analyst meeting as “GDrive”, it quickly captured the web’s imagination. Google seemed on the verge of transforming their servers into our own personal hard drives in the cloud. Plenty of startups were working on this (and… Read More

  • Review: The G Drive mini

    SSDs are fast, enduring and expensive. The G Drive mini is no exception; 120GB of solid state storage built into an all-aluminum enclosure priced at $599. Let us see what else can be expected from this small and reliable storage device Read More

  • Can you explain to me again why I should trust Google?

    Some of you may have noticed that Google went a little haywire yesterday, labeling every site under the sun, including itself, as potentially harmful to your computer. (This label is usually reserved for sites reported to contain malicious code—think shady warez and porn sites laden with virus and trojan-laced pop-ups.) Drudge’s characterization—GOOGLE GONE… Read More

  • Google's GDrive revealed in code?

    A recently modified bit of code in Google Pack was picked apart by blogger Brian Ussery, who found the following text: Read More

  • GDrive: The Platypus Awakes; Maybe

    Google’s long rumored but never delivered online storage product GDrive (code name Platypus) may finally be on its way, according to the Wall Street Journal. The continued no-show of the fabled Google online storage product was best parodied in an internal Google video that leaked in August, where a Google employee wrote of the service “I’ve been ready to launch my product… Read More

  • What Ever Happened To GDrive?

    Google Blogscoped points to a Google video created by a Google employee (now private) that shows the Gdrive Platypus icon overlaid with the lyrics, “I’ve been ready to launch my product since 2002 … At least round here 5 years ain’t so long overdue.” Philipp Lenssen suggests that perhaps Google’s online storage solution might have been canceled, but not… Read More