Video: Footage of Mass Effect 2 gameplay

<img src="" alt="" />Looks like Devin and I missed BioWare at GDC, but that’s what the Internet is for, right? Following the jump a

Rhythm Heaven contest: a winner is you?

<img src="" /><a href="">The

Video: Hands on with the GameTrak Freedom controller

<img src="" alt="" />GDC isn’t exactly our cup of tea, but we did manage to find some worthwhile things to re

Is OnLive OnCrack?

We just tried out OnLive, and of course it worked perfectly, being a demonstration on the order of 8-10 machines set up by the company itself. The people we talked to were naturally very optimistic, a

Contest: Win our pre-release copy of Rhythm Heaven for the DS

[Update: It’s over!] Nintendo was generous enough to provide everyone at their press conference with a copy of Rhythm Heaven (Rizumu Tengoku), a game which is already very popular in Japan and t

Game Developers Conference 2009 Round-Up

<img src="" width="215" height="166" />The CrunchGear mobile newswagon is parked in downtown San Francisco for the Game Developers Confer

Live Blog: Kojima Keynote GDC09

Devin and I are on the ground at Hideo Kojima’s keynote. This is his first keynote at GDC. Unfortunately we won’t be getting any free games like Nintendo gave out yesterday. Mr. Kojima&#82

Video: Mario warps to Chicago, hilarity ensues

<img src=""><a HREF="">Matthew Dominick</a> made this clever Mario mash-up in which the plumb

Free DSi points when you purchase a Nintendo DSi

<img src="" alt="" class="center" />A few things went unannounced during Nintendo’s GDC keynote this morning and the biggest news on

Mindbending indie game Fez has a new trailer

<img src="" />Like Portal, Fez will be forcing you to wrap your mind around a completely different way of navigating the world. I'm losing i

Video: Nintendo Wii System Menu 4.0

<img src="" alt="" />In case you're stuck at work or away from your precious Wii, Doug was kind of enough to take this quick video of t

Video: Demo of OnLive

<img src="" alt="" />Douglas did a fine job detailing what OnLive is yesterday and today we’re bringing you a hands-on demo of the cl

Gloves-on with Punch-Out!!! for the Wii

<img src="" />Punch-Out!!! was being demoed at the Nintendo booth, so we thought we'd take a crack at it. The controls are... well, t

Video: Checking out the new DSi and its camera-based minigames

<img src="" />Although the keynote wasn't exactly a fountain of new releases, they did demo some new stuff for the DS/DSi, including a

Hands-on: Fat Princess for PlayStation 3

<img src="" alt="" />My only recollection of Titan’s <i>Fat Princess</i> was the initial controversy over the games title and how it

Guitar Hero comes to PlayStation Home

<img src="" alt="" />Today, Activision and Sony announced “Backstage with Guitar Hero” for PlayStation Home so players can congre

Capcom dates Bionic Commando, schoolgirl giggles ensue

I’m squealing like a pig on its way to the slaughterhouse over confirmation from Capcom that Bionic Commando will be hitting the US on May 19th. The PC version is said to be shipping shortly after t

Sony discounts PS3 dev kit, hopes it will boost development

<img src="" alt="" />It’s a known fact that the PS3 is a developer’s nightmare but Sony is hoping that a price cut to all

Microsoft's new Xbox 360 dev kit is gorgeous

Isn’t it gorgeous? Microsoft introduced a new dev kit at GDC and it’s ditched the old cream and grey color scheme for a more aesthetically pleasing getup that comes in black and blue or bl

Nintendo GDC keynote recap

<img src="" alt="" />Sorry about the delay, folks, but you didn’t miss much from Nintendo’s keynote this morning at GDC and we mana
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