• Crunch Report | Twitter Bans Two Russian Companies from Advertising

    Russia Today and Sputnik get banned from advertising on Twitter, GoFundMe starts creating content for some of its campaigns and Toyota is phasing out gas cars by 2040. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Booster raises $20 million to fill your car at work

    Booster raises $20 million to fill your car at work

    Filling up your car can be a hassle, especially when there are lines at the gas station. It also costs too much because part of it is covering real estate costs. A startup called Booster thinks it has a solution for this and is partnering with major employers to send its gas trucks to office parking lots. The company says it can save you time by filling your tank while you’re at work… Read More

  • You Could Fill Up At The Pump With Apple Pay Starting Next Year

    You Could Fill Up At The Pump With Apple Pay Starting Next Year

    Apple is working to expand the reach of Apple Pay, and its next major destination might be the gas pumps. Chevron’s official Twitter account revealed yesterday (via Business Insider) that the gas company is working to make Apple Pay available at its fill-up stations in the U.S. Pump payments are a key ingredient to making Apple Pay truly a convenient, complete replacement for… Read More

  • Venture Investors Begin To Drill In To Oil Deals

    Venture Investors Begin To Drill In To Oil Deals

    The oil and gas business is technologically challenging, data-heavy, and traditionally ignored by venture capitalists. But a few firms are looking to change that with a new concentration on software and services that would help improve economics and bring visibility to an industry that technology investors have long overlooked. During the “clean technology” investment boom… Read More

  • Toyota iQ gets 55+ MPG, coming to Europe in January

    Gas, schmas. Here’s the Toyota iQ, an actual, real car that’s available for pre-order in Europe now and will hit the roads there in January. It’s small, yes, but it can hold four people – Toyota recommends three adults and one child – and best of all, it gets a pretty amazing 55+ miles per gallon. Read More

  • Free gas stunt has Electronic Arts in hot water

    Electronic Arts sure knows how to annoy people, especially unsuspecting British motorists. The publishing giant staged one of those “free gas” giveaways at the weekend in London to promote Mercenaries 2. (Specifically, EA was handing out free gas cards worth £40.) Needless to say, people freaked out, traffic became a mess, and a politician now wants an apology, calling the… Read More

  • Mitsubishi i MiEV car coming to California utility companies

    Mitsubishi’s i MiEV has been bouncing around for a while, trying to gain traction for electric cars. The little buggy has been fleet-tested in Japan, and more recently has been announced in Australia. Recently, 10 of the plug-in cars were used to ferry media and officials about at the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit. Now, the i MiEV is coming to America. Under a three-year program, two… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Two free tacos after gassing up your rig

    Something about this deal just sounds kind of “off” to me. Today, for one day only, you can get two free tacos at Jack in the Box if you bring in a gas receipt. So go pump some gas and get that petroleum stink all over your hands before you dig into two hot, beefy summertime tacos from the same restaurant where I gained thirty pounds in one month during college. via dealnews Read More

  • DIY tiny Hummer saves gas, pride

    So you want to drive a Hummer, but the $4 a gallon price of gas across the country now has you thinking twice. You could concede and get yourself a Kia. Or you could do as this Brit did and outfit a smaller, more gas-conserving car in a Hummer’s trademark skin. The fake Hummer — based on a Suzuki, among other parts — is tiny. It gets 60 miles to the gallon and can reach speeds… Read More

  • Productivity: Save money on gas by driving more efficiently

    Our ground-breaking series on productivity continues today with a quick look at making your car as fuel-efficient as possible, or just how to save yourself some money while driving around town. For whatever reason, be it merely supply and demand or the sinister result of speculators speculating wildly, fuel prices are at an all-time high. Right now, oil trades for $130, up more than 100… Read More

  • Virgin 747 to go from London to Amsterdam on biofuel

      Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic airline will conduct a test flight at the end of the month wherein a Boeing 747 will fly from London to Amsterdam using an 80/20 blend of conventional fuel and biofuel, respectively. The plane will carry no passengers but will be “the first time a commercial aircraft has flown on biofuel,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Read More

  • Solar-powered taxi making its way around the world

    Fueled by a 65-square foot trailer covered with solar panels, this three-wheeled, two-seat taxi is making its way around the world without stopping for gas. It was developed by a Swiss teacher named Louis Palmer and the whole taxi thing is more or less a gimmick, although he is actively picking people up and giving them free rides. Palmer says that if the car were to be mass produced, it… Read More

  • Honda's hydrogen-fueled car coming to California

    Honda will be leasing a limited number of its FCX Clarity sedans in California this upcoming summer. The cars use hydrogen fuel cells that’ll be topped off via a "home fueling station that uses a home’s existing natural gas supply to produce hydrogen." Read More

  • Google Maps coming to your local Pump n' Munch?

    This will make people’s lives easier. That’s why I like Google, plain and simple. Gas pump manufacturer Gilbarco Veeder-Root is rolling out 3,500 Google Maps-enabled touchscreen pumps around the country that “include an Internet connection and will display Google’s mapping service in color on a small screen. Motorists will be able to scroll through several categories… Read More

  • iPhone Specs In Server Logs

    A few days ago we told you about the iPhone Web app that helps you find gas. While snooping through server logs in the hopes of spotting an iPhone user, the author of stumbled upon some revealing details about the bundled Safari browser. As expected the surfing resolution is at a decent 320×396, however the iPhone didn’t seem to support Flash. This is rather… Read More

  • Latest iPhone App Helps You Find Gas

    Looks like more people are pushing out products for the device no one has yet. The latest app for the Jesus Phone apparently finds gas stations based on zip code and reports them back with prices and directions. We completely support the development of new applications and encourage everyone to keep coding these things, but come on. Why not wait for the darn thing to come out first? Read More