• Edyn debuts smart water valve to put home gardens on autopilot

    Edyn's smart soil sensors water while you are away

    Oakland, Calif.-based Edyn started selling a new, smart gardening device this week: an Internet-connected water valve that lets users irrigate their gardens or lawns automatically. The Edyn Water Valve uses data from the company’s Edyn Garden Sensor, a soil sensor, along with local weather systems, to adjust the moisture levels in the soil. If a user wants, they can… Read More

  • Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Takes The Guesswork Out Of Container Gardening

    Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Takes The Guesswork Out Of Container Gardening

    Houseplants can be hard to care for, even when watered regularly on a sunny windowsill. A new device from Swiss startup Koubachi takes the guesswork out of plant care through real-time monitoring and notifications when the plant needs attention. Read More

  • Electronic Flowerpot Takes The Guesswork Out Of Gardening

    Electronic Flowerpot Takes The Guesswork Out Of Gardening

    Even though plants need only a few things to grow – water, air, light and minerals – maintaining the right proportions can make gardening feel like a high-maintenance hobby. Estonian company Click & Grow creates soilless, electronic flowerpots that do the work for you, providing the correct water and nutrient balance for indoor plants. For some, this may seem like a… Read More

  • Japanese Cell Phone Owners Get Gardening Tips Via Mobile Emails

    If you needed one more piece of evidence that Japan is crazy about everything mobile, here it is: the country’s leading mobile carrier today announced [JP] a system that provides user-specific instructions to home gardeners via cell phones and special “garden sensors”. NEC is a partner in the pilot project, which actually began last Saturday in 30 selected households in Japan. Read More

  • EasyBloom Plus allows nerds to garden like a pro

    Hidden in the picture above is a fake plant. Not only is it a fake plant, but it’s a high tech fake plant, complete with USB port and soil sampling technology like that used in the Mars rover! The EasyBloom Plus is the fancy successor to the EasyBloom not plus, which allows gardeners to collect sunlight, temperature and moisture data from their lawn or garden and track that data over time. Read More

  • On the subject of dovetailing skill sets…

    Just came across this gem of a Craigslist post in my RSS reader. computer/gardening help (Cambridge) Harvard academic requires help at home/home office. Approximately five-10 hours a week to help with computer (creating an address book; digitizing photograph collection); and simple gardening. Located four blocks west of the Square—near ART and Cronkhite Center; flexible hours. Salary… Read More

  • ThirstyLight! Tells you when to wet your wysteria's whistle

    I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just use your built-in all-purpose moisture indicator (tongue) to tell whether your plant’s soil is dry, but this thing is cool anyway. It tests for wetness each second and blinks as your dirt dries out. They’re battery powered, and supposedly will last a year before you have to get a new power source. Ah, imagine a nighttime scene, just… Read More