Outbrain is launching a product allowing publishers to recommend content on each other’s platform

Outbrain, the network known for distributing garbage clickbait articles and ads on sites across the internet, is now going to offer a premium product that ensures that the articles recommended to folk

Information is garbage

I’ve been reading a lot of Neil Postman lately. It’s been one of those years and I’m writing a book about fake news. Postman, the nicest guy in cultural criticism, was a folksy, frie

Throw away those Baby Einstein DVDs

<img src="">Bam. If you've ever had to sit through a modern educational kids movie, you've realized they're garbage. Junk like Di

Recycle that old dumpster into a swimming pool

<img src="" alt="dumpster" />Got a spare dumpster lying around? The economy's down, so maybe the average family of four isn't throwing

Going Green: How to get rid of your gadgety crap

I’d be willing to bet that there are very few people out there who don’t have an old Motorola StarTac in a kitchen drawer or a pale, yellowish 14-inch CRT monitor in the basement or a stic

VooZoo: Paramount's attempt to sell $1 movie clips. Oh, and alluding to terrorism is a perfectly acceptable way to sell clips, I guess.

Paramount, the oldest movie studio here, is willing to sell you video clips of its Very Important movies for $1 a pop, minimum. “VooZoo,” which rhymes with “Hulu,” which rhymes

Pigboat contest winner: Ryan

Using my secret aggregation method for picking winners, I chose Ryan as the winner of the nasty PMP. His sad, sad prize is on its merry way. I guess I’m wanting this piece of total shit cr

PX-3000 is a real console but shouldn't be

[photopress:px_3600_console_2.jpg,full,center] The PX-3000 is a real console that’s based on other real consoles. The PX-3000 also, incidentally, is a piece of garbage. Making the connection, if

Domplayer can bite me

Fans of “byte-torrent” “files-sharing” websites like and may have recently experienced a sad, sinking sensation after dedicat

Saving gadgets from the garbage dump and creating art

If it were up to me, I’d take all of my non-functioning gadgets, excluding my iMac, which I’m about to dump into Long Island Sound (Leopard eats it, I swear), and put them on a boat. Then