• Gaming Site InstantAction On A Roll

    From time to time, companies we’ve covered in the past check in with us to give us an update on their progress, and we’re always happy to receive those notices even if we don’t always publish something about it here. Yet sometimes, it’s definitely worth it. For instance, InstantAction, a gaming site from IAC-owned GarageGames, has managed to cross the 1 million members… Read More

  • Mac Users Invited to Play InstantAction's "Ball" Games

    InstantAction is a GarageGames project focused on bringing free high-quality games to the browser. Like Kongregate, InstantAction is highly social and quickly accessible. Both sites appeal to casual gamers who don’t want to install software or learn complex user controls before competing with friends or strangers in short rounds of play. InstantAction, however, differentiates itself… Read More

  • Flixster For Sale; IAC Interested

    Fast growing movie-centered social network Flixster has been making the rounds with potential buyers, we’ve heard from multiple sources. And IAC may have submitted a letter of intent in the last week or so. The San Francisco based company has had a meteoric rise since launching in January 2006, although Comscore suggests growth has stagnated over the last few months – worldwide… Read More