gamestop to close, replaced as a section of GameStop

Sad news for anyone who loves geeky goods and top-notch April Fools’ jokes:, the 20-year-old online retailer known for selling more geek-centric gadgets and peripherals than you co

Inside Atari’s rise and fall

By the first few months of 1982, it had become more common to see electronics stores, toy stores, and discount variety stops selling 2600 games. This was before Electronics Boutique, Software Etc., an

[Updated] GameStop reportedly discussing buyout with private equity firms

Update: GameStop issued a brief statement confirming it is in “exploratory discussions with third parties regarding a potential transaction,” adding “There can be no assurance any ag

Crunch Report | Square Announces the $999 ‘Professional’ Register

Square announces its new $999 professional Register, GameStop begins a rental subscription pass and Nintendo says Switch will beat the Wii U in sales. All this on Crunch Report.

GameStop is launching a game rental subscription called PowerPass

GameStop, the video game store that has fallen from grace in the era of digital downloads, will start offering a subscription rental program, according to Mashable. Over the past decade, it’s be

GameStop will have more Nintendo Switch systems for sale starting March 22

Nintendo Switch is in short supply — which is good news for Nintendo, but not so great news for customers looking to get their hands on one of the new consoles. They’ve been hard to find s

GameStop CEO Says PlayStation VR Will Start Shipping This Fall

With launches already looming for both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, virtual reality fans have been earnestly awaiting details for the last major HMD to join the party, the Playstation VR. Yest

GameStop Buys ThinkGeek

What do you do when your primary physical sales channel is drying up? You sell something that your audience loves, preferably online, and if that doesn’t work you buy someone that does. To that

Nintendo As A Service

Nintendo should aim to have as much of its first-party library available on the Wii U and 3DS as possible: NES through N64, with any consoles from Sega's past serving as icing on the cake.

GameStop Launching 80 Holiday Pop-Up Store Locations For Kids (And Kids At Heart)

Gamestop today announced plans to launch 80 new holiday concept stores called GameStop Kids across the U.S., offering kid-friendly shopping experiences. The storefronts will sell video games, but focu

GameStop To Sell SIM Cards

GameStop is hurting. Same <a HREF="">store sales fell 5%-11%</a> and revenue was down 17% to $

GameStop Starts Selling Android Tablets Bundled With Games

Perhaps realizing that re-selling other people's boxed games wasn't exactly a sustainable business model, GameStop decided a few months back that it was going to try selling devices as well. <a href="

GameStop Has An Android Tablet On The Way

We've mentioned a few times the possibility that <a href="">GameStop would be launching its own GameStop-branded t

GameStop Affirms Popularity Of Mobile Gaming; Plans To Sell iPhone, iPod, And iPad

Still think mobile gaming isn't a big deal? GameStop disagrees. Though they may not be as in-depth or graphically stimulating as console or PC-based games, mobile gaming is accessible to everyone. My

Screw You, GameStop.

We're through, GameStop. I turned a blind eye when you offered me peanuts for a game that you were still slinging used for bucks shy of full retail. I shrugged it off when your employees endlessly

Video Game Retailer GameStop Opens For Business On Facebook

<img src=""> Video game retailer <a href="">GameStop</a> is throwing its hat into the social e-com

GameStop's Future Plans Include Tablets And TVs

<img src="" />Even though <a href="">GameStop</a> has been <em>the</em> leader in retail video ga

GameStop Acquires Game Streaming Startup Spawn Labs And Distribution Platform Impulse

<img src="" class="shot2">Video game and software retailer <a href="">Gamestop</a> has

Thief Tunnels Into GameStop, Does What One Does In That Situation

<img src="" />This man, one Steven Paul Archer of Greeneville, Tennessee, cut through a metal storage ar

GameStop: We're Seeing Wii-like Levels Of Demand For Kinect

<img src="" /> <a HREF="">Kinect</a> hasn't even been out for more than a few days now, but word i
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