• GameStop will have more Nintendo Switch systems for sale starting March 22

    GameStop will have more Nintendo Switch systems for sale starting March 22

    Nintendo Switch is in short supply — which is good news for Nintendo, but not so great news for customers looking to get their hands on one of the new consoles. They’ve been hard to find since launch, and Nintendo announced it’s ramping up production, which should help, but now GameStop says it’ll have new units on Wednesday, March 22 — so eager gamers can set… Read More

  • GameStop CEO Says PlayStation VR Will Start Shipping This Fall

    GameStop CEO Says PlayStation VR Will Start Shipping This Fall

    With launches already looming for both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, virtual reality fans have been earnestly awaiting details for the last major HMD to join the party, the Playstation VR. Yesterday, in an interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo, Gamestop CEO Paul Raines declared that GameStop “will launch the Sony product this fall,” in reference to the… Read More

  • GameStop Launching 80 Holiday Pop-Up Store Locations For Kids (And Kids At Heart)

    GameStop Launching 80 Holiday Pop-Up Store Locations For Kids (And Kids At Heart)

    Gamestop today announced plans to launch 80 new holiday concept stores called GameStop Kids across the U.S., offering kid-friendly shopping experiences. The storefronts will sell video games, but focus on accessories, licensed good like plush toys, and collectibles. Judging by the product list, however, this looks like a store designed not only for actual children, but for anyone with a love… Read More

  • GameStop To Sell SIM Cards

    GameStop To Sell SIM Cards

    GameStop is hurting. Same store sales fell 5%-11% and revenue was down 17% to $2 billion. Profit fell to $72.5 million. Arguably, those are still huge numbers and presumably a new console refresh should push the company out of the doldrums. But what the company has just launched – a new MVNO called GameStop Mobile – is almost inexplicable. GameStop Mobile is, in short, an… Read More

  • GameStop Starts Selling Android Tablets Bundled With Games

    GameStop Starts Selling Android Tablets Bundled With Games

    Perhaps realizing that re-selling other people’s boxed games wasn’t exactly a sustainable business model, GameStop decided a few months back that it was going to try selling devices as well. The iPhone and iPad can be bought there, and your games can be traded in credit for them as well. But what have they been missing, and what have their customers undoubtedly been clamoring for? Read More

  • GameStop Has An Android Tablet On The Way

    GameStop Has An Android Tablet On The Way

    We’ve mentioned a few times the possibility that GameStop would be launching its own GameStop-branded tablet. Turns out, this mystery tablet is already in the testing phase, says GameStop President Tony Bartel. The tablet wasn’t developed by GameStop, but should be a “GameStop-certified gaming platform” sold in stores. When Tony Bartel told GamaSutra that GameStop… Read More

  • GameStop Affirms Popularity Of Mobile Gaming; Plans To Sell iPhone, iPod, And iPad

    GameStop Affirms Popularity Of Mobile Gaming; Plans To Sell iPhone, iPod, And iPad

    Still think mobile gaming isn’t a big deal? GameStop disagrees. Though they may not be as in-depth or graphically stimulating as console or PC-based games, mobile gaming is accessible to everyone. My grandma can’t play L.A. Noire, but she’s beat every level of Angry Birds. So it only makes sense that GameStop has decided to put a couple new devices on its shelves: the… Read More

  • Screw You, GameStop.

    Screw You, GameStop.

    We’re through, GameStop. I turned a blind eye when you offered me peanuts for a game that you were still slinging used for bucks shy of full retail. I shrugged it off when your employees endlessly pressured me to pre-order games that I didn’t want every time I set foot in the store. I laughed when I was turned away for trying to buy a new release on launch day sans preorder, only… Read More

  • Video Game Retailer GameStop Opens For Business On Facebook

    Video game retailer GameStop is throwing its hat into the social e-commerce ring today with the launch of a Facebook store, powered by, Adgregate Markets. The store is available on GameStop’s Facebook
    page here. For GameStop, a Facebook storefront is yet another move in a string of announcements that are pushing the retailer into the digital world. GameStop just bought Spawn Labs, a… Read More

  • GameStop's Future Plans Include Tablets And TVs

    Even though GameStop has been the leader in retail video game sales, investors have been nervous that digital sales will outgrow physical. But after GameStop acquired Spawn Labs, a game streaming service, and Impulse, a digital distribution service, investors have been more confident in GameStop’s future. Apparently management is making all the right moves to secure GameStop’s future. Read More

  • GameStop Acquires Game Streaming Startup Spawn Labs And Distribution Platform Impulse

    Video game and software retailer Gamestop has acquired TechCrunch50 company Spawn Labs, a startup that develops game streaming technology. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In addition, GameStop also announced the acquisition of game distribution platform Impulse, which is a division of software company Stardock. Spawn Labs launched in 2009 as a Slingbox for video games. Via, Spawn… Read More

  • Thief Tunnels Into GameStop, Does What One Does In That Situation

    This man, one Steven Paul Archer of Greeneville, Tennessee, cut through a metal storage area to access the drywall and studs of a GameStop game store next door. He then proceeded to cut through the drywall and entered the GameStop after hours. He was able to steal $288.55 in cash and $5,342 in merchandise and, for once, he wasn’t asked if he wanted to join that damned GameStop savings… Read More

  • GameStop: We're Seeing Wii-like Levels Of Demand For Kinect

    Kinect hasn’t even been out for more than a few days now, but word is that it’s selling out at retailers across this great land of ours. GameStop said yesterday that it’s having a heck of a time trying to keep Kinect in stock, with an executive vice-president saying that demand may well equal that of the Wii during that system’s launch. Read More

  • GameStop Midnight Launches Herald Arrival Of Microsoft Kinect

    Microsoft releases Kinect tomorrow, Nov. 4, 2011. As such, there will be more than a few midnight launches here and there, and Microsoft plans to throw a launch party of sorts at the Times Square Kids R Us. Fun for the whole family—at midnight! Read More

  • Best Buy Getting Into The Used Game Market

    Look out GameStop, there’s a new gun in town. And it’s got the brick and mortar location, name recognition, and marketing power to give you a run for your money. Ol’ blue and yellow is moving into the used game market starting this week and I think some competition will only be a good thing. Read More

  • GameStop Acquires Social Gaming Site Kongregate

    Video game and software retailer GameStop is buying Kongregate, a social gaming destination and community site for gamers. The purchase price was not disclosed, but the transaction is expected to close within a week, subject to customary closing conditions. Kongregate co-founders (and brother and sister) Jim and Emily Greer will retain ownership over the site, as the company will become a… Read More

  • PlayStation Move Controller will cost $60, expected Sept. 1st

    News has been pretty sparse about the pricing or availability of the PlayStation Move controller, but GameStop thinks they have the down low on when and how much. GameStop’s Canadian site is showing the (expected) release date along with the pricing. Read More

  • Wii Classic Pro controller showing up at GameStop

    Here’s some retro gaming goodness, GameStop has all but confirmed the White Classic Controller Pro for the Wii, with a ship date of April 1st. This is of course patterned off of the GameCube controller and has been clamored for by gamers ever since the Wii came out. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. Read More

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