What Games Are: Who Will Create The No-Bullshit Games Console?

For a device category whose core appeal is supposed to be making games simple, we get complex ambitions, the rush to features and a proposition that increasingly makes no sense. What is a game console

Android Home Gaming Console GameStick, A Kickstarter-Funded OUYA Competitor, Gets Its Release Delayed Til June

GameStick, a would-be OUYA competitor that got funded via Kickstarter, has had its launch delayed. The device achieved backing on Kickstarter in February and originally planned to start shipping in Ma

Update: GameStick Removed, Returned To Kickstarter After Copyright Complaint

The GameStick, a Kickstarter project we covered at launch that aimed to take what OUYA was trying to build in an Android-powered home gaming console and fit it into a device the size of a flash drive

GameStick Launches OUYA Competitor On Kickstarter, Aims To Be The First Pocketable Android Home Gaming Console

OUYA, the Android-based gaming console that made waves when it first launched on Kickstarter last year, met its first shipping target at the end of December when it sent out development consoles to ea