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Tidings from Microsoft's Gamefest 2008

The very exclusive Microsoft Gamefest conference is in full swing right now somewhere here in the Northwest, and they’ve dropped a couple of newsworthy items. First of all is the revision of the

Games For Windows mag is no more, moves entirely online

Games For Windows, known as Computer Gaming Monthly prior to its marriage to Microsoft, is no more. The go-to authority on PC gaming has succumbed to the reality of the magazine business: they’r

More info, screens on free-to-play Battlefield Heroes

[photopress:bfh1.jpg,full,center] I just got the issue of Games for Windows in the mail with Battlefield Heroes on the cover. In it is a long feature explaining the ins and outs of the game. It sounds

Microsoft is Less Moore

The video game industry executive shake-up continues. Less than a week after E3 Peter Moore has resigned from Microsoft to return to Northern California. The former Sega head honcho has cited personal

Gears of War PC Edition Coming Home for the Holidays

Previously reported with a launch date of “eventually”, Gears of War for the PC has been tagged with a somewhat less murky launch date of “sometime holiday season 2007” and a s

Vista-Only Game Gets XP-ified

FASA Studio’s Shadowrun has been hacked to run on XP, despite being a Vista-only title. Microsoft has been pushing its new DirectX 10 gaming architecture to get people to upgrade to Vista in ord

MYST Goes Episodic With GameTap

Long before there was that strange island on LOST, there was the strange island in the game MYST. Now after several sequels, a few more mysteries might just be solved as Myst Online: Uru Live transiti

Microsoft Launching Games For Windows Live, Halo 2 May 8th

Though Vista is great and all and quite the improvement over XP, it still has a lot of issues with certain programs and hardware. Hence why Microsoft is taking awhile to roll out its Games For Windows