Zoe Quinn talks about online abuse and her new book, Crash Override

Zoe Quinn went to the heart of Gamergate and has come back with a new book, Crash Override, a meditation on online communities and making the Internet safer. Quinn spoke with me for a few minutes abou

Games After Gamergate

Perhaps the greatest testimonial to those who endured Gamergate is not to remember it. To not talk about it all. So I won't. However one aspect that I will talk about is what it did to game developme

GamerGate Harassment Of Zoe Quinn Stoops To New Low

GamerGate has not bottomed out quite yet. The pent up rage of a group of disenfranchised misogynists has found a new digital outlet for harassing one of their targets, games developer Zoe Quinn, in th

Trustev Uses Fraud Detection Software To Crack Down On Internet Trolls

By checking against a variety of factors (summed up in the picture above), Trustev's tool for publishers can instantly identify so-called "sock puppet" accounts used by serial trolls to attack others

Arthur Chu, “The Jeopardy! Guy,” Talks About Gamergate And Web Harassment

Arthur Chu is best known for his odd - but winning - Jeopardy! strategy. He brought a web native's attitude and methodology to win almost $300,000 on the show. He is now an outspoken anti-Gamergate wr

What Is Journalism Anymore?

With the increasing rise of YouTubers, movements like Gamergate and so on, questions about the role of journalism abound. Who's a journalist? What does it even mean to be a "journalist" as opposed to

#GamerGate Is The Future Of Troll Politics

I’ve refrained from talking about GamerGate because the entire thing has been so baffling. The hysteria and name-calling seemed counter-productive and, as a veteran of many flame wars (see Black

So Long #Gamergate. What Did You Teach Us?

The hashtag is still going, as are the fervent speculations and plans for operations on 8chan and Reddit, but the movement that is #Gamergate is dead. But what, if anything, did it teach us?

#Gamergate Shows Tech Needs Far Better Algorithms

If Gamergate teaches us anything -- beyond, of course, vastly obvious observations about the toxicity of certain Internet demographics (which is hardly new news) -- it's that algorithms and formulaic

Us vs. Them: What’s Wrong With You People?

Internet, we need to talk. In a nuanced, thoughtful, intelligent way. I don't want this to turn into some kind of knee-jerk confrontation. But it will, won't it? You'll end up citing the Nazis while f

The #Gamergate Answer

In response to my article last week I got a fair degree of heated comments, but most civil ones said that the gamergate issue was about journalistic integrity. Is it? Or is it actually about the cultu

The #Gamergate Question

Depending on how closely you follow the gaming and tech press, you may have heard of #gamergate. Those of us inside the industry have. This week it's essentially all we've been able to talk about. How