• CrunchDeals: Wolf King WARRIOR Game Pad for $20 (today only)

    Look at all them buttons. Them’s some nice buttons arranged in a semi-circle to help you “frag” your friends or whatever it is you youngins call it today. Read More

  • 'GameBone' iPhone gamepad cooler than it sounds, doubles as battery extender

    Oh, I get it. Because it’s shaped like a bone. I was thinking of something else. Here’s the GameBone Pro, a gamepad for the iPhone and iPod touch. It connects via Bluetooth or 30-pin dock connector and features a built-in battery to provide a little extra juice to your device while gaming, plus a built-in speaker and headphone jack. Read More

  • A mouse and gamepad combo? A thousand times YES

      The Evergreen Navigator 365 deserves a spot in my laptop bag but, like all good things, is currently only available in Japan. It costs around $30 or so if you’re in the area and with a little luck, some hard work, and some perseverance, might just make it stateside some day so kids like me can buy it without the 14-hour plane ride. Evergreen Laser mouse cum Game pad… Read More