Amazon’s Fire TV Gets More Gaming Cred With GameFly Streaming

Amazon is crowing about its big Fire TV app and channel catalogue this morning (I have to wonder if the timing has anything to do with the Apple TV announcement rumored for next week), but the best pa

Look Out, GameFly: Netflix’s New Qwikster Service Ships Video Games, Too

Amongst all the hollering going on over the merits of Netflix spinning their DVD shipping service <a href="">into a separate company</a> and whe

GameFly, Inc To Launch Windows/Mac Digital Distribution Gaming Storefront This Holiday Season

GameFly just made the first step towards a future void of physical media with the pre-announcement of an upcoming digital gaming distribution platform. The announcement is missing any real details, in

Blockbuster horning in on game rentals

<img src=""> Wow. That was fast. A few years after <a href="">Gamefly</a> basically sewed up the entire ga

GameFly launches mobile-optimized site for on-the-go management

GameFly, which is perhaps most easily explained as the NetFlix of the gaming world, today launched a new version of their site specifically optimized for mobile handsets. Through the magic of user age

Pizza Hut offering Gamer Fantasy Package for ordering crappy pizza online

Joining forces with Gamefly, the pizza chain is offering up the “Gamer Fantasy Package.” To enter you simply need to order online at and you’re automatically entered to win a 60-inc

GameFly adds new shipping center in Tampa, Florida

I’ve been using GameFly for the past few months and I can characterize it as, and I quote, “nice.” The company’s just announced that it’s added a third distribution cente

CG Holidays 2007 Recommendations: A Gamefly Subscription

ahem) you can send it back without regret. Product Page