• GameCrush's Crush-O-Matic Blends Chatroulette With Online Gaming

    TechCrunch Disrupt finalist GameCrush is launching its own take on the Chatroulette-like experience today with Crush-O-Matic. The new service is a random game generator where users simply click “Go!” and automatically get matched up with another user in a two-way cam-enabled game session. As we we wrote in our initial review of GameCrush, the startup aims to help the millions of… Read More

  • Startup Battlefield: The Final 7 Make Their Closing Arguments

    The TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield is approaching its dramatic conclusion, and the 7 finalists remaining are making their closing arguments in front of a panel of all-star Silicon Valley judges. Here are their questions and the startups’ answers, along with links to our past coverage of each company.
    Kevin Rose
    Marissa Mayer
    Jason Goldman
    Ron Conway
    Roelof Botha Read More

  • GameCrush Startup Battlefield Demo at Disrupt SF 2010

    GameCrush Lets Guys Pay Money To Play Online Games With Women (Seriously)

    Meet GameCrush, a startup that manages to sound both ridiculous and very promising at once. The gist: take the millions of male gamers out there and offer to hook them up online with a gaming buddy of the opposite sex for a fee. Or, as founder Eric Strasser put it, “if you can buy a girl a drink in a sports bar, why not buy her a game online?” The site looks like the fusion of… Read More

  • GameCrush Is Crushing It. Investors Agree.

    GameCrush Is Crushing It. Investors Agree.

    San Francisco based GameCrush is part happy hour at the local bar, part old school “900 chat line.” Users come to the site to play games with others, and there’s a video/audio cam. The only hitch is that you have to pay $.60/minute to do so. The site matches “Players” with “Playdates,” and splits that $.60 with the playdate. There are a number of… Read More