• iPhone App Contains Secret Game Boy Advance Emulator, Get It Before It’s Gone [Update: It’s Gone]

    iPhone App Contains Secret Game Boy Advance Emulator, Get It Before It’s Gone [Update: It’s Gone]

    An iPhone app called Awesome Baby Names has a secret Game Boy Advance emulator built into it, as 9to5Mac has discovered. The emulator is easily unlocked via a simple sequence of taps (depicted below), but if you do want to unlock it you’d better get it quick because Apple is sure to pull this one quickly. Read More

  • DIY Project Turns The Gameboy Into A Magical Musical Instrument

    This must be the day of Kickstarter projects. This project turns an original Gameboy into a unique music instrument complete with analog controls and a stereo/mono switch. While this may be of use only to hard core knob twiddlers, but for $174 you can get a fully modded Gameboy and 6 volt power supply so you and your band can add some boops and beeps to your latest song. Read More

  • Gameboys… Innnnnn… Spaaaace

    This may look like a regular old Gameboy but there’s something “stellar” about it: it flew into space and returned with Russian kosmonaut Aleksandr A. Serebrov. Serebrov brought the game with him to the International Space Station and it played it as they orbited the Earth over 3,000 times in 192 days. You could say, if you were of the sort that made puns, that this Gameboy… Read More

  • Mod: Audio line out from SNES Super Gameboy

    Chiptune is fun to mess around with, but programming on a tiny Gameboy screen can get a little annoying. Nintendo created the Super Gameboy to allow players to plug Gameboy cartridges into their SNES, so it would stand to reason that you could run LSDJ or Nanoloop through your TV. But how to get the audio out and recordable? Kyle Robinson has a nifty little Instructable on how to add an… Read More

  • Are you badass enough to make your iPhone into a Gameboy?

    I don’t think you are. If you’re willing to plop down $14.99 for some red hot stickers then I suspect you might be, however, and you’d do well to do so before any one of us decides you’re too chicken. Read More

  • Strange and curious uses for a Game Boy

    Happy Birthday, Game Boy! You’re turning 20 next week, and while you can’t legally drink yet, let’s take a look at the other strange and bizarre stuff you’ve been doing for the last two decades. Read More

  • Hey! You got your iPhone in my Game Boy!

    Sometimes, it’s a good thing when worlds collide. That’s when you end up with items like the Game Boy iPhone case. The bad news: it won’t actually play games. The good news: it looks pretty darn cool. Read More

  • Hide a Gameboy inside a Ti-83 calculator

    Tired of playing Drug Wars or a Mario remake on your ‘ol Ti-83 calculator? Just transplant a Gameboy inside a Ti-83 carcass and no one will be the wiser. All it takes is a little cutting and soldering to mod the screen and map the keypad but after that, your Kirby game’n will be hidden from curious eyes. via MAKE Read More

  • "AndroidBoy" Game Boy emulator debuts on the Android Market

    While it’s by no means playable at this point (unless your favorite hobby is watching sloths tend to a patch of growing grass), the Android Market has now seen it’s first video game emulator: AndroidBoy. As you may have guessed from the tail-end of the name, it’s a Game Boy emulator, supporting games from both the original Game Boy and 1998’s Game Boy Color. The… Read More

  • Pixel Art: Game Boy de-makes

    Here are a few shots from a contest over on Pixelation. They’re from almost a year ago so if you’ve seen them, forgiveness please. I came across them via Geekologie today. Sometimes stuff hides on the internet for a while. Oh well. It’s still cool to see current games as they’d look on the original Gameboy. Read More

  • Write Gameboy code in NYC April 12 and 26

    What are you up to on April 12 or 26? If you said “I might be going out with a girl but I’d love to write video code for the Gameboy” then you’re in luck. NYC Resistor is holding a GB/GBA/DS hacking class in NYC. Have you ever wanted to make a Gameboy game? Do you yearn for the days of yore when men were men and graphics code wrote directly to video memory? Have you… Read More

  • Fly's new cell phone brings lineup of Nintendo favorites with it

    [photopress:2162_about_coffee_black.jpg,full,left]Fly has a new handset, the MC100, that has built-in support for NES, SNES, and Gameboy games, along with built-in game downloading. It’s saying this is the first phone to ship with the support built-in, and we don’t doubt it. Really, though, shouldn’t all cell phones have built-in NES? Shouldn’t everything, really? I want… Read More

  • Gadgets that changed the world

    I must applaud the individual who compiled the list of 101 gadgets that changed the world. It’s even in alphabetical order! You might scoff at some of the ‘gadget’s as they may not fit the mold in which we think about gadgets today, but they were gadgets way back when, so keep that in mind as you trickle through. It’s a great list that includes the condom, Gameboy and bra. Read More

  • Plezo PMG 250: It's a PMP That Thinks It's a GameBoy

    Look, someone’s taken the GameBoy micro, removed all the fun, and added a slot for SD cards. The PMG-250 portable media player from Plezo, a company I’ve never heard of either, has a 2.5-inch screen and two probably terrible speakers. It does support 8-bit and 16-bit video game emulation (NES, GameBoy and others with third-party software) so I suppose it does have a leg up on… Read More

  • iBoy: iPod + GameBoy

    Upset that your old-school GameBoy can’t play music and that your iPod doesn’t look like an old-school GameBoy? Well, one clever bloke went out and did something about it. Behold the iBoy, a strange mash-up of iPod and GameBoy that just barely makes sense, in a cosmic way. There are full pics of the process if you’d like to recreate it yourself, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Read More

  • The Best (and Worst) Console Game Innovations Ever

    I combed the depths of history and my memory to pull together a (very subjective) list of the best and worst innovations to hit console gaming. Rather than full systems (with a few obvious exceptions), I chose to focus on peripherals and concepts. Enjoy! The list is after the jump… Read More

  • Goodbye GameBoy, We'll Miss You

    Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime has given the word that the GameBoy and GameBoy Advance will be seeing their last holiday season this year. We think that Game Boy Advance certainly has at least one more holiday season left in it. For us, it continues to be a great stepping stone for five-, six-, seven-year-old consumers to have their first great handheld gaming experience and… Read More

  • SteamBoy: Steam Powered Game Boy

    Much of the electricity you use is brought to you by steam in one way or another. But why not cut the middle man? This clever fellow has hooked his Game Boy Color up to an old-school steam generator, and it works. Sure, a pack of Energizers would do the trick much more easily, but this is cool, you see? Steam Powered Game Boy [Boing Boing] Read More