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After 25 Titles & 5M+ Installs, Game Closure Goes Public, Open Source With Its HTML5 Game Development Kit

Over the last year, it seems that we kept hearing that quality, legit HTML5 gaming was <a href="

Game Closure Poaches Zynga’s CTO Of Mobile To Lead HTML5 Game Development

<a href="">Last we heard from Game Closure</a>, the young startup had just turned dow

Game Closure Turns Down Facebook & Zynga To Raise $12M For HTML5 Mobile Gaming

Gaming is changing fast these days, especially in the browser. Sure, social games are great and everything, but there's always been a sense that, as browser-based technologies mature, the opportunitie

Game Closure Quietly Raises Seed Round From SV Angel, Yuri Milner, Greylock, And More

<a href="">We first covered Game Closure this spring</a> when it opened its private beta