Roblox faces a new class action lawsuit alleging it facilitates child gambling

In a new class action lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California this week, two parents accuse Roblox of illegally facilitating child gambling. While gambling is not allowed on the platform,

Apple pauses gambling ads on App Store product pages after developer outcry

It’s hard to imagine anyone but advertisers being happy with Apple for putting more ads on the page in App Store listings, but the way they rolled it out was especially troubling. Ads for shady

Twitch responds to gambling scam drama by banning some betting sites

Twitch is cracking down on some gambling sites after a streamer scammed his peers out of tens of thousands of dollars to fuel a betting habit, kicking off a firestorm about how the platform should han

Irish virtual sports giant’s new startup bets big on rugby in bid for US market share

A fantasy sports exchange founded by Irish betting veteran Paddy Power is bringing NFT-enabled live trading to rugby fans in a bid to expand globally. American Sports Exchange (ASX Sports), just signe

Jackpocket raises $120M to expand its lottery app into mobile gaming

Apps that let people do virtually what they would have previously had to carry out in person have seen a boom in the last 20 months of pandemic living, and one of them today is announcing a big fundra

Google will let you turn off YouTube ads for alcohol and gambling

If you’ve ever had a Father’s Day ad offering great deals for your dead dad sail into your inbox, you know that online advertising can be disturbing sometimes. Children’s gifts for p

Carnegie Mellon’s ‘Superhuman AI’ bests leading Texas Hold’em poker pros

A new paper published by Science today details how Libratus, an AI developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department, managed to take on and defeat top industry professio

The Golden Knights, live gambling and the future of live sports attendance

One of the biggest early season NHL stories has been the success of the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights. If they can maintain anything close to current attendance and demand levels, their sports-ga

Foxwoods Resort Casino and Victory Square Ventures team up to work on new gaming and betting tech

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut is the largest resort casino in North America. Like most casinos, it is feeling the pressure to modernize and look at the nascent online gambling space. To do thi

Of course a venture capitalist was no match for CMU’s updated poker-playing AI

Libratus, Carnegie Mellon's poker-playing AI, is damn good. It easily routed four of the world's best poker players back in January over 120,000 hands of No-Limit Texas Hold-um. So it comes as no surp

Carnegie Mellon creates a poker-playing AI that can beat the pros

To be great at poker you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, and know when to core dump. That’s only part of the technique a new AI system created by re

Penn Nat’l pays up to $170M for Rocket Games, a social casino studio from Zynga alums

While social games company Zynga’s push into real-money gambling may have had some hiccups, a group of alums who built a startup dedicated specifically to the genre have sold their company fo

Texas Attorney General Says Texans Using DraftKings Or FanDuel Are Probably Breaking The Law

In a situation nearly identical to what happened in Illinois a few weeks ago, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has responded to a request from a state representative who asked if Paxton believes Da

NY State Rules Daily Fantasy Illegal, Ordering FanDuel And DraftKings To Stop Taking Bets

Today, the NY Attorney General dropped a bomb on daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. Sites like them have been categorized as “illegal gambling sites” and have ordered

Hitpost Nabs Crowdstar Leader Courtland Alves As New CEO, Launches Sports Bet Game

How do you make sports gambling more addictive? Make it role playing game where you level up by completing quests of placing specific fake-money bets. And how does a sports community app like Hitpost

Zynga’s Real-Money Online Casino Is Now Live In The UK, With Minimum Bets Starting At £0.01

This morning, as it <a target="_blank" href="">said it would</a>, gaming giant <a target="_blank" href="">Zynga<

What Games Are: Real-Money Gaming Is Really Boring

It may be the case that real-money gambling is inching its way to reality in the U.S., much as it has in the rest of the world, but if so it's a phenomenally boring story. It's hard to get excited abo

Every Other Tech Angle You Need For Super Bowl XLVII

Millions of people across the U.S. are preparing their jerseys, face paint and horrific nachos. Yes, football fans rejoice, the big game finally kicks off tomorrow in New Orleans -- that is, Super Bow

Atari Inc. Files For Ch. 11 To Separate From Troubled French Parent, And Sell Or Restructure Famous Gaming Assets

<a target="_blank" href="">Atari</a> -- the iconic company and that helped spearhead the videogames industry 40 years ago with titles like Pong, Asteroids and Centipede, as well as

Betable Nabs The Guy Behind Zynga’s Recent Deal To Enter Real-Money Gaming

Betable, a San Francisco-based startup that makes it easier for casino-style game developers to offer players real money bets instead of virtual currency ones, just nabbed Jonathan Flesher. He was the
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