• Scamville Shakeout: Was Gambit The Right Fall Guy?

    I’m not sure any lasting change will come from our series of Scamville posts. For now the most egregious of the social gaming offers are gone, which is a good thing. But none of the big players seem to have felt much pain. And, importantly, Facebook’s rules still allow most of the really bad stuff (as long as users are being told in the fine print exactly how they’re… Read More

  • Gambit Teams With CrowdFlower For An Alternative To 'Offers': Crowdsourced Labor

    Anyone who has played though some of the more popular casual games on social networks like Facebook has likely come across ‘Offers’ — sponsored promotions you can sign up for or surveys you can take to earn virtual currency instead of having to pull out your credit card. Depending on the survey, these can be fairly time consuming, and sometimes it feels like handing over… Read More

  • Gambit: Facebook Users Have Deeper Pockets Than Their MySpace Counterparts

    When it comes to the amount of money being made on social networks, it seems like nobody really knows what’s going on. Sure, we occasionally hear about huge paydays for companies like Zynga, but very few people are willing to talk, and even when they do their figures are nearly impossible to verify independently. Gambit, a payment engine that powers the microtransactions for a number… Read More