• Samsung May Have Just Become The King Of Mobile Handsets, While S&P Downgrades Nokia To Junk

    Samsung May Have Just Become The King Of Mobile Handsets, While S&P Downgrades Nokia To Junk

    Samsung has been, for years, slowly approaching Nokia as the world’s biggest handset maker, and today looks like the day the crown has been passed: As of last quarter, Strategy Analytics noted that Samsung shipped the most mobile devices of any single manufacturer world-wide, also taking pole position in smartphones. At the same time, Nokia not only slipped in those rankings but it also… Read More

  • New Samsung Galaxy Phone To Be Called The Galaxy Cooper In India

    Phone names, like band names, are getting weirder and weirder. To wit: the Galaxy Ace, an already goofy name, will be called the Galaxy Cooper in India, suggesting a PR campaign featuring some sort of intergalactic softshoe number. Some specs after the jump. Read More

  • Is This The Samsung Galaxy S2?

    Is that handset over there the successor to Samsung’s Galaxy S? According to Korea’s ETnews, it is indeed. While they’re not spilling the beans on where they garnered the information, ETnews is claiming that lil’ black beauty up there is none other than the tentatively titled Galaxy S2. As the story usually goes around this time of year, we’ll supposedly be hearing… Read More

  • Videos: Darth Vader Promotes The Galaxy S In Japan

    Back in April, Japan’s largest cell phone carrier, NTT DoComo, began running a bizarre promotion campaign in Tokyo (which prompted me to go out and post this photo report on MobileCrunch). Docomo used Darth Vader in a number of weird posters and viral video clips, without saying why and what Vader was supposed to promote. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sprint

    Short Version
    Android users rejoice! The same excellent operating system and interface you love in your phone is now housed in a stout and sturdy 7-inch case. Is it an iPad replacement? Potentially, but you’re going to have to overlook some glaring problems. Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Hitting Sprint On November 14th for $399 On Contract?
    The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been official for thereabouts 37 years but yet Samsung still hasn’t mentioned a price or release date. It’s getting a little crazy now. Out with it already. Well, it seems Sprint’s pricing might have leaked, which places the tablet at $399 with a 2-year… Read More

  • Confirmed: Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Torch, And Samsung Focus Coming To AT&T

    Well it was a rumor, but now it looks like we have confirmation: the Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Torch, and Samsung Focus will be coming to AT&T before the end of the year. There’s even on confirmation on the Samsung Cetus. The Cetus is poised to be AT&Ts first Windows 7 phone. Read More

  • Samsung Epic 4G Gets Naked For FCC

    With the Samsung Epic 4G launching very soon, here’s an interesting alternative view of the device. If you dig around enough on the FCC website, you’ll be able to find nude pictures of almost every phone. Sometimes they are barely legal shots, like this Samsung Epic 4G. Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Appears On A Bus In Sydney

    For some reason a telecomm employee was hanging out in a train station with the yet-unreleased Samsung Galaxy Tab and Electronista was there to take video of it. The Q&A is pretty stilted (“Is it any good?” “Yeah”) but I guess it proves that the device will be hitting Oz soon enough. Read More

  • Samsung’s Android-Based Galaxy Tablet To Come In 7-Inch & 10-Inch Flavors

    The Samsung Galaxy, the company’s upcoming Android-based (2.2, even) tablet, may not even be called that here in the U.S. While that will be the name for its Korean release, its U.S. name is still under consideration. Supposedly it will debut at the IFA trade show in Germany in a few weeks. Yay. Read More

  • Tokyoflash SPACE WATCH!

    The Galaxy from TokyoFlash shows hours on the big pips, the red pips show five minute intervals, and the green pips show single minutes. While it’s not immediately intuitive, it’s a bit better than TokyoFlash’s traditional “the green blob shows the hours since your last bowel movement, the red blob shows milliseconds elapsed since 1929, and the blue blob is there to… Read More