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Leaked: Galaxy Tab Gets A Price Drop On Sprint

<img src="" />Sprint has only had the Samsung <a href="">Galaxy Tab</a> out since N

Unreleased RIM Playbook Already Reporting Bad Battery Life

<img src="">Oh, ruinous day. The tablet-lover's great white hope, the <a HREF="">RIM</a> <a HREF="http://crunchg

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets A Fan-Made Commercial

A Samsung Galaxy Tab commercial made by Ladeson Productions. It’s not from Samsung, but it should be. Worlds better than any of the official video spots.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Gloria: 10-inch Win7 Tablet

Some French folks heard a rumor about what appears to be some sort of Samsung Tablet/PC mash-up called the Galaxy Tab Gloria, a 10-inch device with slide down keyboard. While I’m sure that namin

1 Million Galaxy Tabs Sold: W2G Samsung!

Well look at that! Samsung just sold 1 million units, which isn’t too shabby. We liked the Gal Tab plenty, so it’s good that it’s gaining some traction. Samsung hopes to sell at leas

T-mobile announces BOGO promotion for Black Friday

<img src="" />If there's a special someone in your life that's into smartphones as much as you are, then you should have a ga

Samsung Sells 600,000 Galaxy Tabs

While it’s no 1 million iPads in one month, Samsung has sold 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in its first 30 days, a noble effort. I’m a fan of the device – it’s a little thick for my tast

GalTab Broke Down

What’s inside a Samsung Galaxy Tab? Not snips, snails, or puppy dog tails. Instead you fine a large battery, an ARM A8 Hummingbird processor, and all the build quality of an Apple product. After

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sprint

<img src=""><b>Short Version</b> Android users rejoice! The same excellent operating system and interface you love in your phone is now

Video: The Samsung Galaxy Tab Can Take A BB Right To The Screen

<img src="">This video needs context. Sure, the Gorilla Glass covering the screen on the <a href="

Galaxy Tab Costs Just Over $200 To Make

<img src="" />A detailed teardown by iSuppli has shown that Samsung's much-hyped <a href="

U.S. Cellular picks up the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Though they’re the 6th largest carrier in the US, U.S. Cellular isn’t really known for offering brand spankin’ new mobile technology. They’ve always had plenty of phones, mind

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Announced For T-Mobile, $400 On Nov. 10th

This is a quick one: The T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Tab will hit on November 10th. Price? $400 on contract just like Sprint. There’s also a $35 activation fee and $200 ETF so that’s fu

Use This Handy Infograph To Pick Out The Tablet For You

Chances are you already have a tablet on your wish list whether it be the iPad, Galaxy Tab, or even the Dell Streak. But if you don’t, the infograph after the jump will help you figure out what

The Galaxy Tab Hitting Verizon Wireless November 11th For $600 Straight Up

<img src="">Verizon will soon be a one-stop shop for all your tablet needs. Come November 11th, the wireless carrier will be se

SMT-i9100: Japan Gets Galaxy Tab-Like Samsung Tablet

<img src="" /> Last week at <a href="">CEATEC 2010</a> in Japan, I saw attendees going nut

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hitting Sprint On November 14th for $399 On Contract? The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been official for thereabouts 37 years but yet Samsung still hasn’t menti

A Button You're Unlikely To See On An iPhone

Yes, a few exclusive Galaxy Tabs are shipping with a Porn button. It’s not what you think, though — unless you think it’s the abbreviated Romanian for “Start.” Then it is

T-Mobile Posts Galaxy Tab Sign-Up Page, Still No Price Or Release Date Mentioned The Galaxy Tab will be here when it gets here. That’s about all we can say about it. T-Mobile is at

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Tab

<img src="">I hope you just finished your Italian Rosetta Stone. Well, maybe not. It's not like you really need to know what this gu
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