Galaxy S

Rumor: Samsung to launch the Android-powered Galaxy S superphone in 110 countries simultaneously

In the grand world of electronics, it’s pretty much customary to launch in one country, wait a few days, launch in another, and so on. At most, companies launch their new toys in two or three co

Leaked Pics: Samsung's Android-powered i897 confirmed for AT&T, looks pretty great

<img src="" /> Waaay back in April, a handset with strikingly similar specs to the beastly <a href="

Galaxy S available in Asia come June, Froyo comes later

<img src="" />Do you like your <a href="">s

Samsung already working on a Galaxy S Pro, complete with physical keyboard?

Sometime yesterday afternoon, some new information started floating around the Kingdom of Ol’ Rumorton. “The Samsung Galaxy S… another version is coming,” whispered the trees o