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Samsung Invite Promises Next Galaxy Will Show Its Giant Face On September 4

What is usually a dreaded Monday morning inbox was today brightened by an invitation (below) from Samsung to see "the next Galaxy" unveiled in Berlin on September 4. Though the invitation doesn't spec

Samsung Said To Launch Four Versions Of The Galaxy Note III By The End Of The Year

Talk about trying to cover bases. Korean news outlet ETNews reports that Samsung's Galaxy Note III isn't going to be an only child when it launches later this year -- instead, it will be joined by up

Samsung’s $399, 16GB Galaxy Note 8.0 Will Launch In The U.S. On April 11

After showing off the international version of its pint-sized Galaxy Note 8.0 back at Mobile World Congress, Samsung is gearing up to launch its newest Note tablet in the U.S. in just a few days. Just

Prepare Your Pockets, Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Phablet Could Sport A 5.9-Inch Screen

Samsung's Galaxy S IV hasn't even been revealed yet and news of another top-tier Samsung smartphone is already threatening to steal some of its spotlight. <a target="_blank" href="http://www.koreatime

Galaxy Note 8.0 Features Air View-Enhanced Flipboard App, Free Awesome Note For Android, And Other Content Perks

The Galaxy Note 8.0 -- the newest device in Samsung’s many-sized range of tablets, unveiled today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona -- has just managed to trump Apple’s iPad Mini in the small

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 Will Make Its International Debut In Q2, We Go Hands-On

That Samsung was tinkering with a slightly smaller Galaxy Note tablet <a href="">shoul

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reportedly Caught On Camera, Inherits Design Language Of Galaxy Note II

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is rumored for an official unveiling at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, but this week it's been the subject of a lot of rumors and speculation ahead of release. T

Oops! Galaxy Note II Gets Detailed Ahead Of Samsung’s Official Announcement

With Sony's big IFA press conference out of the way, Samsung is next in line to show off its new (and oft-rumored) wares. That said, it looks like one of the company's most anticipated products has go

T-Mobile Discontinues The Galaxy Note Two Weeks After Releasing It (Update)

It was only a fortnight ago that T-Mobile announced it would be carrying Samsung's Galaxy Note. Pink subscribers everywhere rejoiced in the confirmation — we'd <a href="

T-Mobile To Launch $249 Ice Cream Sandwich-Powered Galaxy Note On August 8

T-Mobile's Galaxy Note has been one of the worst-kept handset secrets in recent memory but the one thing the carrier managed to keep close to its proverbial chest is when its customers could actually

T-Mobile Tweets That It’s Getting The Samsung Galaxy Note

We've seen <a href="">the evidence pile up</a> in front of us over the past couple months, but T-Mobile

Telltale Galaxy Note Documents Spotted On T-Mobile’s Website Ahead Of Launch

Well, if you needed <a href="">any more proof</a> that the Galaxy Note will soon make an appearance on

How Big Is Too Big? Samsung’s New Galaxy Note Said To Sport 5.5-Inch Screen

I don't know too many people who would look at the Galaxy Note and its 5.3 inch display and say "y'know, it would be great if this thing was just a little bigger," and I now I know why. As it turns ou

T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note Press Shots Leak Out, Expected On July 11

It's all but confirmed. We've seen <a href="">plenty of evidence</a> over the past few months, including <a href="http

International Galaxy Note Users Can Finally (And Officially) Taste Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung has been teasing Galaxy Note users with the promise of Ice Cream Sandwich for months, but now it seems like the consumer electronics giant has finally come through for their phablet fans. M

Is T-Mobile Getting The Samsung Galaxy Note?

Even though I think it's <a href="">way too big for the average human</a>, Samsung's Galaxy Note is d

Samsung Shipped 1 Million Galaxy Note Phablets A Month (Update)

<strong>Update:</strong> <em>The original press release for this announcement was in Korean only, and the translation left some room for debate over whether or not Samsung was talking about actual sal

Galaxy Note Won’t Taste Ice Cream Sandwich Until Q2, But New Apps Sweeten The Deal

The still-popular Galaxy S II just recently got its <a href="">first official taste</a> of Ice Cream Sandwich, but Galaxy Note

Now You Can Make Your AT&T Galaxy Note Play Nice With T-Mobile HSPA+

Know what I love about Android hackers? They’ve got moxie. Take a look at these folks on the XDA-developer forums: a user named <a href="">its

Samsung Tops 2 Million Galaxy Note Sales, Plans To Hit 10 Million By Year’s End

Samsung says it has sold over 2 million Galaxy Note superphones globally. Now, it's only fair to remember that this number includes international sales, so even though the Note only became availab
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