Facebook’s Having Some Issues With Twitter Cross-Posting, But Nobody Cares. For Reasons.

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Tax Woes Rant Post v1.0

All told, most of the CG team has to pay $10K+ out of pocket thanks to foolish freelancing planning. This post is for you to bitch about your own tax woes or to rub in your proper planning and rebates

Your Very Own iPhone For Only A Penny

There you have it. You too can have your very own 8GB iPhone for only one single penny. Gah! This isn’t over. Not by a long shot. Apple iPhone AT&T Brand New In Hand 8gb 8 gb i Phone NR [eBa

One Editor's Opinion: Your iPhone "App" Sucks

This morning, we happened to find a particular “web application” that was already being touted as an “iPhone application”. It’s called OneTrip and guess what? It’s