• She's my final fantasy: G4's ‘Girl at the Video Game Store’ music video is unexpectedly really good

    Oh, how I wanted to hate this video. Yesterday was the thousandth episode of Attack of the Show—how did you celebrate?—and while I only caught about two minutes in between commercials of whatever else I was watching (I think it was a documentary about salt; I’m not joking), I did manage to catch the tail end of this video. It’s “The Girl at the Video Game… Read More

  • Apple expanding "vintage and obsolete" hardware list

    Apple keeps a list of older hardware that the company no longer supports. That list is about to gain some company in the form of G4-powered Macs. The full list is after the jump but this could possibly explain why these G4 towers Peter spotting in Japan are so damn expensive. It’s cause they are museum pieces. Collectibles, if you will. If only I could sell my G4 Mirror Door tower… Read More

  • Video: Peter Ha praises the Palm Pre on G4's Attack of the Show

    No, you’re not seeing things! That’s Peter Ha (and Pop 17’s Sarah Austin) on G4’s Attack of the Show trying very hard to look excited about the Palm Pre. He does a bang-up job! Read More

  • Grains of War will curb stomp your appetite

    http://www.g4tv.com/lv3/35316 Perhaps I’m a cynic, but I really expected this Gears of War parody spot, made by the folks on G4’s X-Play, to suck something fierce. Then Cole Train dumped cereal all over his face, and my worries drifted away. Read More

  • G4 reveals 11 Rock Band 2 tracks

    I rarely watch G4, but a handful of X-Play viewers noticed a partial track listing for RB2 the other night. Poster MasterAce from ScoreHero was clever enough to hit the Tivo and grab a screen shot of the 11 tracks that appeared on the show. True. I’m thinking that it’s a screencap from a Solo Tour. They’re probably streamlining the song selection system for Solo Tours to make… Read More

  • An Apple G4 mailbox: When fanboyism strikes

    Some people have too much freedom. Read More

  • Apple PowerMac G4 Mailbox

    This is one impressive use of an old PowerMac G4 to say the least. If I didn’t live in NYC, I’d be super-tempted to gut my PowerMac G3 tower I have laying around and use it just like this guy did, except mine stills runs rather well and makes a great music server. The blue and white coloring would look badass though, especially at night if I threw a few LEDs in there with a battery… Read More