G Watch

Fly Or Die: LG G Watch

Like anything in this world, the LG G Watch has its pros and its cons. It's LG's first venture into smartwatch territory, meaning that the company is just now figuring out its design aesthetic in the

LG G Watch Review: This Early Android Wear Watch Could Use A Bit More Time To Bake

LG is one of the first to market with an Android Wear smartwatch. Their hardware runs on Google’s smartwatch platform, which is pretty locked down in terms of what kind of customizations Google

LG Teases The Android Wear-Powered G Watch, A Smartwatch “Ready For Anything”

LG is showing off a new teaser video (via 9to5Google) of its G Watch, the Android Wear device it’s launching later this year. Android Wear is the operating system that Google has created for sma

Google’s Android Wear, A Platform For Smartwatches, Debuts With The LG ‘G’ And Moto 360

Google has announced a new smartwatch platform called Android Wear, which offers it a way to help OEM partners come up with hardware to get users into wearable devices. Among the first such devices wi