• Hands-On With The MIT Media Lab's G-Speak Interface

    http://player.ooyala.com/player.swf?embedCode=hueWlyMTp4Vc7UDvs8urh8tcbjLVcqwm&version=2 This interface has been talked about extensively before here and elsewhere, but it bears another look. It’s amazingly cool. Basically what you’re seeing is a gestural interface powered by a pair of gloves. It supports multiple hands – multiple pairs of hands, that is, so you and… Read More

  • Oblong's g-speak spatial operating interface brings Minority Report UI to life

    g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo. After having seen the above video you will undoubtedly make direct comparisons to what was seen in Minority Report, and that’s no coincidence. John Underkoffler, one of… Read More