• Microsoft’s Project Springfield helps developers find and squash bugs

    Microsoft’s Project Springfield helps developers find and squash bugs

    Microsoft today announced a first preview of Project Springfield at its Ignite conference in Atlanta. The cloud-based tool aims to help developers find bugs in their applications by combining fuzz testing, an automated way of testing code by throwing semi-random input at it, with artificial intelligence tools that allow the tool to ask smarter what-if questions when it looks at potential… Read More

  • Fuzz.com Hits Deadpool, Spin-Off Blip.fm Alive And Well

    Until today, we weren’t even aware of the fact that San Francisco startup Fuzz operated a social network / music discovery destination website besides its (awesome) spin-off Blip.fm, the “Twitter for music“. We only found out about that now that we’ve learned that the service, Fuzz.com, will apparently cease to exist shortly. Here’s the notice, which can be found… Read More

  • Blip.fm, The "Twitter for Music", Gets Its Own API

    When Fuzz launched a microblogging service for music aficionados called Blip.fm last May, no one in the company expected it to rise above the status of an experiment. But before long, Blip.fm’s traffic began to eclipse that of Fuzz’s main site, which provides an altogether different service for bands that want to cultivate their fan base. Fuzz’s attention has now turned… Read More

  • Twitter for Music

    Twitter is an efficient technology for spreading and harvesting concise ideas. Unfortunately, it’s not so great for sharing rich media. Want to broadcast a video? You’ll have to settle for a TinyURL to YouTube, or maybe switch over to Seesmic altogether. Pownce improves on the Twitter model by supporting file transfers and at least one new data type: the structured event. It… Read More