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11xAI closes a $2M pre-seed round to create autonomous AI workers

The company builds automated digital workers that can be used in lieu of human employees.

The remote work startups that will last aren’t actually remote work startups

The startups that actually make remote work better are focused on communication and collaboration.

13 VCs talk about the state of robotics investing in 2023

We spoke to 13 of the top robotics VCs to discuss where the category is and what the future looks like.

Gable raises the roof (and $12M) for better remote working options

Remote working options and workplace flexibility can be a bit of a head-scratcher for employees and employers alike, but Gable, which has just raised $12 million in Series A funding following on a $3.

The individual mistake that tech startups are collectively making

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single pe

Data hints at the value of startup offices

Data looks at whether having an office, at the earliest stages of company-building, truly does impact the bottom line.

Disclo aims to inspire inclusive workplaces — starting with disability accommodations

Disclo CEO and co-founder Hannah Olson was diagnosed with Lyme disease when she was in college. At the time, she didn’t really see herself as someone with a disability, even though it meant spending

Murmur gets a loud ask: Reinvent closed-door decisions

The conversation in startup land has shifted from building in public to, hey, maybe let’s just figure things out internally before we scream to the masses. At least that’s what I’m gleaning from

Andreessen Horowitz ditches physical HQ in return for global outposts

For a long time, distributed work for VCs looked like a split-HQ between two cities in different parts of the world. Now, it may look like “the cloud.” Andreessen Horowitz, a venture firm

This is not (just) another roundup of tech layoffs

After a month that saw nearly 16,000 tech workers lose their jobs, June is off to a similar tumultuous start. Startups across all sectors, from healthcare to enterprise SaaS to crypto, are laying off

Tech layoffs top 15K in a brutal May

It’s been a rough month in the tech sector. We’ve rounded up week after week of layoffs, and according to aggregator layoffs.fyi, more than 15,000 tech workers have lost their jobs this month. Hop

Educapital aims to raise a $160 million fund focused on edtech and future of work

VC firm Educapital recently announced that it has reached the first close of its second fund. The team has already secured $105 million (€100 million) and now wants to reach $160 million (€150 mil

How will tech companies cope with an office-free future?

Depending on your business, your job and your living situation, the pandemic showed that many workers didn't need to be sitting in a cubby farm inside a big building to get their jobs done.

Brianne Kimmel’s new $35 million fund isn’t yet tempted by all of web3

While web3, the metaverse and virtual HQs feel like the loudest features of the “future of work” startup category, Worklife Ventures founder Brianne Kimmel has a more down-to-earth definit

Edtech’s search for the magic metric

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. If there’s one sector that is incessantly in pursuit of Magi

The truth about management in Silicon Valley: It doesn’t exist

The tech industry is home to some of the world’s greatest innovators, and incredible success stories. But it’s also a space where there’s a surprising lack of appreciation for skilled management

Could the Great Resignation force techies to get career agents?

The Great Resignation led tech workers to realize their power. Salaries are increasing, demand for talent is high and if you’re an engineer at Stripe, there are probably at least three investors who

For investors, future of work isn’t only about HR

We talked about the future of work with former Microsoft senior executive and angel investor Eric Boustouller, who joined French multi-stage VC firm C4 Ventures last fall.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky discusses the future of work and the one thing he’d do over

"I think we're now better off than we were before the pandemic. But that was a bit of a wake-up call to us. That wake-up call actually led to a lot of changes."

Diversity data isn’t very transparent: What’s the problem?

A problem emerges when reviewing diversity data: While the reports often describe incremental gains or losses in diversity numbers, they often fail to analyze data that can help make tangible change.
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