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The Future Of Foxconn: Ten Thousand Horses Galloping

Shenzhen is a town of migrants. The estimated median ages is between 15 and 25 and the old and battered sits in wild contrast with the brand new. Even in the few years between my <a HREF="https://tech

The Future Of Foxconn: Problems

The entrepreneur was fuming over the phone. He is arguably angry: he had heard of a company had just been raided on trumped up charges and I spoke to him one evening after he returned to the UK. "

The Future Of Foxconn: 200 Pigs

Driving from the Foxconn Factory, down the road from the main gate, we spotted a truck full of pigs in an open-sided container. They were huge, porcine pink, and surprisingly clean. They were still al

The Future Of Foxconn: The Birds

At first I thought the birds in the trees at the Foxconn's largest plant in Shenzhen, China were fake. They sang so sweetly that I was sure my hosts had planted speakers for my benefit - a sort of Pot