Author Nick Montfort tells us how to define the future

Nick Montfort is a professor in MIT’s Comparative Media Studies/Writing and the author of a new book, “The Future.” His book explores “future makers” – people who create the fu

PSA: Futurama returns tonight, make sure you set your DVR!

Just a friendly reminder, Futurama returns to Comedy Central tonight. And while I made a joke about setting your DVR, please watch it live. Particularly if you are a Neilsen family. It’s only go

Original Futurama cast returning to the show!!!

In case you didn’t notice, Peter Ha was a tad upset when news broke about Fox recasting Futurama. Good news though, a deal has been reached. The original cast is returning after agreeing to the

Fox is recasting Futurama!

I am blind with fury. Fox is about to fuck up again. I can’t believe this is happening. Casting calls have been put out for everyone on Futurama! E-mail the casting director and tell him how muc

Bender's Big Score comes out today

Hooray! Futurama makes its triumphant return today. Be sure to go out and grab a copy of Bender’s Big Score for yourself. It won’t be much longer until the series gets back on its feet bef

Extended trailer for Bender's Big Score

I never knew Nibbler could speak.

Woman sues Apple and AT&T over iPhone price drop

Everyone got all hot and bothered when Apple dropped the price of its iPhone a few weeks back, but a New Yorker got so mad that she has filed suit against both Apple and AT&T. The woman—Dong

Trailer For The Upcoming Season of Futurama

This video clip really no introduction. We told you about Futurama making a comeback in 2008 and now the trailer that was shown at ComiCon has been leaked to the Interwebs. Watch and enjoy. You deserv

Futurama Makes Its Triumphant Return November 27

I know this is neither gear or gadget, but it’s sweet nerd news and let’s face it, you people are nerds. Mark November 27 on your calendar and clear out your entire schedule because Futura