• Twitterball


    In the old days of Twitter — at least ‘old’ by Silicon Valley 2.0 standards, which is anything over five years — you could count on a couple of things. First, Twitter would go down almost every time people started really seriously using it. There’s a reason ‘fail whale’ is still part of our vocabulary. The second is that every time that there was a… Read More

  • Virgin games signs deal with Real Madrid, three games by year's end

    Real Madrid, the nine-time European champions, penned a deal with Virgin, which will lead to three new “properties.” Madridistas can look forward to console (PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, Wii and 360), online and cellphone games, to be released sometime this year. I will buy at least one, that much is true. I have a few ideas of my own for Real Madrid games. There’s Raúl and the… Read More