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  • Mac User Rolls His Own Fusion Drive And Details How You Can, Too

    Mac User Rolls His Own Fusion Drive And Details How You Can, Too

    Apple announced Fusion Drive along with its new Macs and iPads last week, and while it may have seemed like a hardware option only available from Apple itself, it’s actually more about how OS X handles storage, startup and other software operations. Which means, as Mac developer Patrick Stein has proven, you can create your own Fusion drive at home with Terminal and existing hardware. Read More

  • One More Thing, Ad Infinitum

    One More Thing, Ad Infinitum

    In almost every case, the conventional wisdom is that Apple follows but does not lead. The iPad happened long after the first Windows tablets flopped and the iPad Mini is a reaction to the Kindle HD and the Nexus 7. My old Archos Jukebox was better than an iPod any day of the week – until it wasn’t – and ultralight notebooks had been around for years before the Air. But… Read More

  • Apple Re-Introduces The Hybrid Hard Drive: Here Comes The Fusion Drive

    Apple Re-Introduces The Hybrid Hard Drive: Here Comes The Fusion Drive

    If you’ve been anywhere near a PC (not a Mac, mind you) in the past few years you’d have heard of hybrid drives. These drives had a bit of flash memory that held often-accessed files – boot files, OS files, and the like – as well as plenty of old, boring spinning hard drive plates for other files. Why? Well, the flash boot section offered faster boot times while the… Read More

  • A team proved me wrong and drove a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid 1,445.7 on one tank of gas

    I was wrong, way wrong. I stated that a team of drivers, including hypermiller Wayne Gerdes and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, could not drive a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid over 1,000 miles on a single tank of gas. But the team ticked over the 1,000 mark with a 1/3 tank of gas left and proceed to drive an extra 445.7 miles. In all, the drive was 47 hours of continuous driving done by an entire team… Read More

  • Can the Ford Fusion Hybrid travel 1,000 miles on one tank of gas?

    I say no, but that’s just me. What do I know, I just spent 10 days driving 3,200 miles in a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. But I’m not hyper-miller Wayne Gerdes or NASCAR driver Carl Edwards who are about to attempt this feat by spending 43 continues hours driving the hybrid a 1,000 miles. Ford states that the car will need to average 57 mpg to achieve the goal, which I guess is… Read More

  • Test Drive: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

    Note: This is the auto that Ford gave to us to drive across country. In all we drove more than 3,200 miles from Dearborn, MI to San Francisco, CA. It was one heck of a test drive and we gave away some sweet road trip gear along the way. Missed those? Final contest here and here. The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the latest to join a growing crop of hybrids that doesn’t look like a… Read More

  • Giveaway: Sound off in the comments, win some great roadtrip gear

    We have given away a lot of stuff while driving across America in a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, but this is the final giveaway. Best of all, you don’t need to photoshop, guess, or really work at all to win all this gear. All we are asking for is your thoughts on hybrid and electric vehicles. Just leave a comment with at least three sentence, which could be pro or con the gas saving autos… Read More

  • Contest: Guess our bathroom stops, win a bunch of road trip gear including a Nokia N96

    We just got back from our 3,200 mile road trip from Detroit, MI to San Francisco, CA and still have a bunch of gear to giveaway.  This contest is simple: simply guess how many bathroom breaks my wife and I took along the 3,200 road trip. You should know though that my wife, and co-pilot on the trip, is five months pregnant and I had something going on with my bladder for a few days. And yes… Read More

  • Guess the MPG, win a JBL On Stage Micro & H/K earphones

    We’re nearing the end of our long road trip but we still have a bunch of stuff to giveaway. This edition of Guess the MPG involves us driving from Las Vegas, NV to Pomona, CA. We are headed to a Garage of Tomorrow event with the Fusion Hybrid and this route should involve a both high speed freeway travel and stop/start LA traffic. So far the Fusion Hybrid has recorded an average MPG of… Read More

  • Video tour of the 2010 Ford Fusion's interior

    So far we have traveled 2000 miles in the Ford Fusion Hybrid and we’re pleased to say that it’s been comfy. The seats are supportive, but still soft. The leg and headroom is sufficient, and it rides nicely. We have traversed high mountains, rolling hills, and endless flatlands while enduring high winds, rain, snow, and even some hail over the last week. But this Fusion kept on… Read More

  • Short notice CrunchGear Vegas meet-up

    My God. I have been driving forever in that damn 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid and are in desperate need to drown my road woes in a frothy brew with good company. The wife and I will be in some crap hole bar on the Vegas strip tonight; come and join us. I’ll tweet the actual location when we find the right place around 8:00 pm tonight. Just look for the slightly overweight nerd in a white… Read More

  • Video: The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid's instrument cluster

    Ford speak for the Fusion’s new display cluster is SmartGauge Cluster with EcoGuide; I call it the coolest thing about the car. Two LCD displays flank either side of the speedometer and display vast amounts of info. Thankfully though, Ford leaves it up to the driver with four different settings on just how much info it displays. These two screens signal a departure from the standard… Read More

  • The Fusion Drive so far

    We’re almost halfway through our cross country drive in the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. So far, the car is impressive. It’s roomy, somewhat comfy, and gets great gas mileage. We’ve managed to get 35.4 mpg over the 1600 miles we’ve traveled so far. The vast majority of that was highway or two-lane road cruising at 75 MPH. When we toured around the South Dakota Black Hills… Read More

  • Guess the Fusion Hybrid's mpg, win a WowWee Rovio

    WowWee understands road trips often involve leaving your domicile unattended for a while and the Rovio can help stand guard. Not that the little bot can inflect R2D2-type shocks or anything, but at least you’ll be able to peek in on things with the webcam. Anyway, we are hitting the next leg of our cross-country journey and it’s time to play another round of Guess the MPG with… Read More

  • Fusion Drive contest updates

    We have drove this 2010 Fusion Hybrid about 1200 miles and gave away three prizes so far. Brent Schomer will soon have a brand new Navigon GPS after correctly guessing our 35.4 mpg we achieved between Detroit and Chicago. And Adam Brock quickly identified Wall Drug during this weekend’s Twitter contest to win a Jabra Bluetooth headset and speakerphone. We are only in South Dakota though… Read More

  • Pics of our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

    We are almost out of Michigan and I thought it was high time we stop for a break and a photo op. So far the Fusion isn’t disappointing. The LCD screens flanking the speedo is the coolest part of car so far. They can display so much info but can also be scaled back to almost nothing; definitely an innovative feature of the car. Anyway, we got some nice pics of the car we’re driving… Read More

  • Guess the MPG! Win a Navigon 4300T MAX GPS

    We’re off! We’ve just left Ford HQ in Dearborn, MI and are on our way through Chicago heading towards Rapid City, SD. All you need to do is guess the average MPG this 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid gets during this short leg of our 3,000 mile trip to win the Navigon 4300T GPS unit. Google says that it’s 245 miles to the I-90 interchange East of Chicago and this car has an EPA… Read More

  • CrunchGear drives the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid across America

    This is going to be one heck of a trip: 10 days, over 3,000 miles, two people all in one 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. We have a lot planned for readers on this trip too. A bunch of companies have provided some gear in the spirit of the road trip. Navigon gave us a bunch of GPSs, Jabra is throwing in BT350 headsets and Bluetooth speakerphones. We have Black and Decker power inverters, a couple… Read More

  • Matt Burns, a Ford Fusion, and You

    Our own Matt Burns will be driving from Dearborn, Michigan to San Francisco in a new Ford Fusion Hybrid, a Ford we can all truly be excited about. He’ll be running contests and reporting live from the road so if there’s anyplace you think he should visit, speak now or forever hold your peace. Matt’s trip was even written up in the local Flint news where he describes his job… Read More