• FunnyorDie Hangs In There: Good Content Still The Key parody video Tom Cruise WANTS you to see! on When the Will Farrell/ Sequioa backed ($15m+) FunnyorDie launched in March 2007 it made a huge splash with Farrell providing original content that quickly went viral. After an initial peak the traffic slowed right down, with some suggesting that it may not rise again. Content… Read More

  • Tired of viral marketing? Want to punch Judd Apatow? on Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m a little disappointed that there’s no slam dunk line like “I’ve got a murder boner!” but viral marketing needs all the beatings we can give it, even if they’re sketch comedy beatings. I’m suspicious, though; I think this… Read More

  • Gnarley: FunnyOrDie Extends Into Extreme Sports

    Will Ferrell’s FunnyOrDie video startup is spreading its wings with a new site: ShredOrDie, focused on extreme sports and hosted by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. ShredOrDie will seek to mix extreme-sports and celebrity culture in a manner similar to FunnyOrDie’s blending of comedy and celebrity, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Initial site content include Hawk interviewing… Read More