Zero Punctuation on Dead to Rights: Retribution

Baby sandwich.

Funny/Not funny: Volvo's crash avoidance feature fails during demo

Boy, I feel for Volvo right now. During this UK demonstration of the new S60’s collision avoidance system, something… went wrong. Nobody was hurt, luckily, but I get the feeling somebody&#

What Valve games will look like on Macs

Oh har de har har, Alt Text. You think you’re soooo funny. The site posted a list of proposed changes to popular Valve games, including my fave, Half-Life 2: Half-Life 2 In Half-Life 2, instead

Steven Frank Unboxing the iPad

Steven Frank’s Internet Technology Podcast is serious business. Click through for his first unboxing, oh so many moons ago.

The Cinco Face Time Party Snoozer

I could have used this a few weeks ago.

The haptic hoo-haa ultrasound trainer

Dude. This is great. It’s essentially a haptic trans-hoo-haa ultrasound simulator that teaches doctors how to perform an internal examination using an ultrasound wand. The greatest thing is that

The best comment ever

<img src="">I knew we'd probably get plenty of comments on the <a HREF="

Remember the epic Phantom Menace review? Well, here's Attack of the Clones

I’ve been watching this for about 40 minutes now (instead of dutifully posting it up like a good blogger). Stuck at home in a post-brunch coma? Here’s 90 minutes of spot-on commentary (and

Copy our tablet for your iPad, will you? Well how do you like… this?

You may recall the minor hullabaloo around the time of the iPad launch that Chinese company Great Long Brother had released a tablet well before Apples that shares a certain distinctive design. They t

Why software costs so much: It's the packaging!

Here’s a fairly egregious example of wasteful packaging sent by Quantum to a buddy of mine. The boxes they are unpacking contain Quantum’s licensing agreements, two single sheets of paper

Sir, we who are about to enter sixth grade salute you

Yesss. [via Reddit]

Joey, have you ever scored a movie about being in a in a Turkish prison? A classic interview with Giorgio Moroder

Moogs, memory banks, and Moroder. What sucks is this guy probably was still using Moogs up until just before all of the gear in his studio went obsolete, stubbornly clinging to all of that good stuff

Dell's "Linux Tax" is outrageous

<img src="">I knew you had to pay a little extra to get <a HREF="

Out here in the fields: Baba O'Reilly using gear from ThinkGeek

<img src="">Out here in the fields I fight for <a HREF="">space meals</a> I get my back

Why Apple should scare you more than Osama Bin Laden

Dagnabbit! Our secret blogging weapon has been revealed to the public. Now, you too, can run a successful gadget blog from the comfort of your own chair!

Video: Wonder Boy v. Adventure Island

Wow. This young lady is amazingly excited about Wonder Boy and Adventure Island, two crazy games for the Sega Master System and the NES. While I don’t think I’ve ever played Adventure Isla

One man against a Juggernaut

Be brave, seller of iPod and iPod Touch accessories. Though you vend below the shadow of the Apple store in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan, your work will not be forgotten when Apple’s go

Penny Arcade tackles piracy

<img src="">Those wacky <a HREF="">Penny

Slim isn't all there is to it: calculate your Full Gadget Ratioâ„¢

<img src="" /> I love when something comes out, let's say the MacBook Air, and everyone crows about how thin

Apple's subtle, subliminal message during the iPad event

Phenomenal. [via HardOCP]
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