The iPad 2 Fancy Case Looks Like A Japanese Bathtub Lid

Ok, first let me get this one little cultural quirk out of the way: Japanese families share bathwater and the new iPad 2 case looks just like a bathtub lid. Yeah. Really: Japanese bath tub lid is comm

Video: Buying A Cell Phone In Portlandia

<img src="" />I've been looking for an excuse to post a clip from the new sketch comedy show <em>Portlandia</em>, a dead-on parody of the No

Today Is The Day You Become A Man: Hand-Welded AT-AT Available For $450

<img src="" />Conceptually, this AT-AT made of old computer parts is amazing. It's well-detailed

Explaining The Internet In 1994

Here we see Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric trying to explain the Internet in 1994. Did we ever really dress like that?

Lego Angry Birds: Needs More Pigs

Sadly, these Lego Angry Birds by designer Tsang Yiu Keung are not for sale nor would you be able to play with them because they would explode on impact like Lego frag grenades, causing injury and sadn

Bill Murray On Tech

“I don’t mind robots. I mean, R2D2 was alright. He was a fine actor.”

You Shall Not Pass: Cat Prevents Owner From Using His iPad

Reader Gary sent us pictures of his cat blocking his iPad, reminding us all that beasts like this cat know that we are throwing our lives away on technology and our inexorable march to a life chained

The World's First Frozen Margarita Machine

<img src=""> so much depends upon. a brown margarita machine. glazed with tequila. beside the white tortillas.

2-Kilovolt Washer Launcher Makes The Greatest Noise Ever

Skip ahead to 4:25 unless you want to know how the whole setup is achieved. I want to make that PWIIIIIIIIIIIING my ringtone. Make that my pwingtone. I like the “honey is that you?” after

"I Want To Make This Toy"

<img src="">We at CrunchGear are patient and kind. And we love kids. That's why when Jake Woolf sent us an email requesting us to make a

It's Official: The Best Bosses Read TechCrunch!

<img src="">A young lady named Jennifer - the Internet is now hunting down her last name - sent a selection of <a HREF="http:/

Video: Prepare to get nailed. Period.

<img src="" /> This guy, Fred Merle got arrested for selling Polka DVDs that he did not own the rights to. Apparently he was set up to mak

Auction off your Cease and Desist from LucasFilm for fun and profit

Remember that cool-looking Spyder III Pro Arctic laser from WickedLasers? Remember how LucasFilm thought it looked a little too much like a lightsaber? Remember how they then served WickedLasers a Cea

Death Star cookies: Admit it, you made this

<img src="">Back in the old days, before the Internet, the only way you could relive the fun of Star Wars was through baked goods. T

Clifford Stoll on this whole Internet thing

<img src="">Back in the olden days I read a paper book called <a HREF="

Secrets of the Old Spice commercials, volume 2 By now you must be familiar with Isaiah Mustafa, the man from the Old Spice commercials. You know… the man. After the last commercial hit, dissecting it second by secon

Intel: GPUs aren't 100 times faster than CPUs, just 14 times. Nvidia: Oh no!

<img src="" />This is pretty funny. You've probably seen some of the propaganda over the last year or so about how GPUs are orders of mag

Your disposable wine glass, monsieur

<img src="" />Look, I'm all for sustainable living and renewable energy sources, but I don't let them get between me and a taste

Jimmy Kimmel Live crippled by power outage, saved by laptop webcam (watch it tonight)

<img src="" />So it's an hour before the curtain rises (I mean, if there was a curtain) and the power goes out at the Jimmy Kimmel L

Too much WWDC? There's always this charming little video of kids acting out SMB

There’s always a good number of readers who complain ruefully about WWDC days. It’s Apple this and Apple that, right? Well, how about some kids named Ryker and Raiden (!!?) pretending to b
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