Finally, Someone Figured Out How To Use Vine

Will Sasso, it is said, is an actor. If you were to, say, <a target="_blank" href="">look for all of his Vines</a>, you would also discover that this is the only

Porn Site Breaks Down Searches By Country, Surprising No One

In what amounts to either a breathtaking breach of privacy or one of the most fascinating sex research artifacts of the year, <a target="_blank" href="">PornMD</a> (acc

It’s Alive! Google’s iOS Search App Shows Hints Of Self-Awareness

It may not have a cool name like "Siri," but you can't accuse Google's Voice Search app of lacking personality. Or self-awareness, for that matter. In case you missed it, <a href="https://beta.techcru

Binder Reviews On Fill With Romney-Related Comments

OK, it's no <a target="_blank" href="">Three Wolf Moon t-shirt</a>, but it's still pretty funny. Following <a href="

IHave50Dollars Is An For People With $50

Do you have $50? Do you trust strangers with it? Do you like paying for evanescent access to a service you may never use? Then <s><a target="_blank" href=""></a></s> <a targ

Metal Parts Hidden Inside A Hard Drive Casing: The New Rickrolling?

A man in China bought a Samsung hard drive for about $35 on Taobao. He opened it up, plugged it in, and found that it wasn't showing the full storage capacity on his computer. A few minutes later, he

Inspired By Your Home: The Click Wall Switch Watch

Do you ever find yourself wishing that the act of telling time was as simple, and tactile, as flipping a light switch in your home?  If so, then the folks at Watchismo have got quite the surprise i

For Your Programmer’s Arsenal: A Working Clippy For Any Web Page

You're hitting deadline and you want to add that special something that will totally knock your web app out of the park. Do you add rounded corners? A Tweet This button? No, motherlover, you add Clipp

These 3D Printer Trading Cards Are What Kids Will Swap In The Future

While, arguably, you’re not going to convince many kids to give up their Topps or Pokemon cards for these things, it’s nice to know they exist. They’re 3D Printer trading cards featu

I, For One, Welcome Our Remote-Controlled Robotic Fire-Breathing Dragon Overlords

A bit of silly for your Monday morning: this is a flying, RC-controlled robotic dragon that actually breathes fire and sounds like a monstrous squeal demon as it takes off. The Dragon took a year to b

What Would You Do For A TCTV Interview? Digital Ocean Employee Does 100 Pushups [TCTV]

Yesterday at New York Tech Day we met with quite a few great companies including <a HREF="">Digital Ocean</a>. These guys are pretty established in the cloud space. They o

Microsoft PM “Resigns” Via Video, Joins Justin Kan’s New Startup Exec

<a href="">Exec</a>, <a href="">the new TaskRabbit competitor</a> from <a href="">'s</a> co-fou

Twitter Posts Awful/Hilarious Recruiting Video To YouTube

Twitter has posted a seriously awful/hilarious recruiting video to YouTube, which the company says was the product of last week's "<a href="">Hack

Skyrim (Not Really) Ported To The TI-84 Calculator

Are you ready to destroy the Dragons of <a HREF="">Skyrim</a> with your trusty orcish arrows and shortsword? Do you wish to hop on your trusty horse and ride endl

DIY Android Phone Name Generator: Be Your Own Confused Marketing Department

What's your next Android phone? The HTC Moment Neo? Samsung Wildfire Slide Prime V S? Samsung Dream Slide G2 E 4G? All these - and more - can be yours if you use the <a href="http://androidphonenamege

Weekend Wacky Jumble Picture: What’s Wrong With This TouchPad Ad?

Hey, Kids! Can you find four things wrong with this advertisement in a 6th Ave Electronics flyer? Turn your screen over for answers!

This Lots-o-Huggin' Bear Commercial Is Just About Perfect

Except for a few of the pixels, this video is a completely accurate depiction of a 1980s, as shot through the lens of early American commercialism and the first hints of mass manufacturing in Asia. An

Be Your Own Souvenir Lets You 3D Scan Yourself And Take Home A Figurine

Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo. This odd system uses a Kinect head and some homebrew software to 3D scan you in real time and then print out a micro-figurine. It seems to take a little

Man Buys Samsung 500GB Drive, Gets Screwed (Or Bolted, Rather)

A test: A Russian buyer goes to a “rogue” electronics dealer on the Russia-China border to pick up a 500GB portable hard drive. He takes it home and plugs it in. It shows up as a 500GB dri

Students Make The World's Largest Sierpinski Triangle (As Far As They Know)

<img src="" /> Remember <a HREF="
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