• FunChat Combines Text, Chat, Pranks, Virtual Goods, And Social Gaming All In One Free App

    FunMobility, the makers of FunMail, a picture-messaging app that organically pairs your texts with appropriate (and fun) images, FunTones, a large collection of funny ringtones, and FunMe, a suite of tools for consumers to create, share, and post their own user-generated content, is clearly striving for a particular brand message. I think it has something to do with… Read More

  • FunMail's FunTweet Visualizes Twitter Streams With Pretty Pictures

    We’ve written about FunMobility’s nifty picture messaging app for the iPhone and Android, called FunMail, that allows users to blasts their text into the application, which then breaks down whatever the user typed for context and places fun graphics with your original text. Now, FunMobility has caught the Twitter bug and is launching FunTweet, a web service which turns any… Read More

  • InfoSpace Unloads Moviso

    InfoSpace has announced that it has sold off its InfoSpace Media Studios (formerly Moviso) to mobile content tech firm FunMobility, reports mocoNews. This isn’t exactly the first sale for the guys at Moviso. The company, which was among the very first mobile content providers, was launched in 1999 and then sold to Vivendi Universal before being bought by InfoSpace in 2003. Under this… Read More