A Netflix hack lets you feel the action in a scene by vibrating your phone

Netflix Hack Day, the company’s internal hackathon, has a habit of producing some amazing gems — like a brain-controlled interface, a Fitbit hack that shuts off Netflix when you fall aslee

Unboxing six gadgets from CES 2017

I had a great time out here at CES 2017 in Las Vegas -- every once in a while I got to sneak away and walk around a little bit and check out the goodies. A little walking here, a little checking stuff

Gadget Story Time with Spectacles

Spectacles by Snap are a lot of fun! Join us as we put them through their paces, try them out, talk to people on the street and just have a really great day. I would tell you more, but I don't want to

Gadget Story Time with EPIKGO hoverboard

I have a love-hate relationship with hoverboards. They make me happy when I ride them but they suck to fall off of lol. The other day I saw a guy carrying his newborn baby while riding a hoverboard a

This crazy iMessage app lets you prank friends by putting words in their mouth

Got iOS 10? Want to mess with your friends? A hilarious new iMessage App called Phoneys lets you prank others by sending stickers that look exactly like iMessage text bubbles. And thanks to the new

100% Fun

If 2016 taught us anything it’s that the internet isn’t fun anymore. It’s not that a soulless network of computers interconnected via TCP/IP was ever supposed to be fun. It’s t

BitCam is a fun, retro camera app for “your mini pocket computer”

If your early days on the internet involved dial-up modems, slow-loading pages, and low-res graphics, then you’ll get a kick out of a new app called BitCam. The app, which hails from Iconfactory

SPUN’s New App Makes It Easy To Mash Up Videos And Make Your Own Memes

Short videos, looping videos and GIFs are some of the hottest types of user-generated content on the web today, and have everyone from Instagram to Twitter and even Facebook and Google getting invo

Make Your Own Lonely Electric Zoo Of One Using Wavepot

Knob-twiddlers take note: Wavepot is a cool new way to program some hot EDM beats in the privacy of your bedroom/techno cave. Designed to be a live, programmable digital audio workstation (at this poi

Booting A PDP-11

As we move swiftly into an era of ubiquitous computing, Internets of Things, and mind-machine connections via wetware, it’s important to step back and take a look at where we’ve been. That

8-Bit True Detective Is Just The Ticket For King In Yellow Withdrawal

For those of you suffering True Detective withdrawal (and really, aren’t we all?) here’re the adventures of Rust and Marty as an 8-bit video game. Video game Rust won’t win any actin

BBC Releases 30th Anniversary Edition Of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Text Adventure Game. You Have Died (And Gone To Gaming Heaven)

You are on a blog. The latest news is at the top and scrolls down infinitely. The first story is about the 30th Anniversary Edition of Infocom's <a target="_blank" href="

So You Nailed Your Wearable Strategy, Now It’s Time To Figure Out WTF Your Twitter Bio Should Be

First, a website could help you figure out your wearable strategy automatically. Now, another site wants to help you with the challenging task of coming up with something profound to say about yoursel

Here, Play With Windows 1.01 And Mac OS System 7

It's been a long day and all you want to do is play some KidPix or Adventure. Don't worry. We've got you covered. Using Hampa Hug's <a target="_blank" href="">PCE in-browser em

Celebrate Star Wars Day By Blinding General Grievous, Losing R2

Beep boop boop bee squeee! Happy May 4th a k a Star Wars Day (say the date out loud and you'll figure out why). In celebration, quite a few hardware vendors have released special gear for the day, the

Want To See Pictures Of Twitter’s Office Visitors? Meet @Twisitor

There are Twitter accounts for almost everything these days. Some people I know have accounts set up for their pets, then there are toasters, beds, drones and so on. The company itself has a fun accou

Google Shows Off Chrome’s Web Tech With “Jam With Chrome,” An Online Band App Where You Play With Friends

Google <a target="_blank" href="">launched</a> a nifty Chrome Experiment called "<a target="_blank" href="http://jamwith

The Power Of HTML5/Javascript: A GameBoy Color Emulator In Your Browser

It's early on Monday so you'll excuse me for getting excited about an HTML5/Javascript-based <a target="_blank" href="">GameBoy Color emulator</a> that runs entirely w

Join Wil Wheaton And Friends In A Rousing Tabletop Gaming Session

If you're a fan of Grant Imahara, Will Wheaton, Jenna Busch, or Sean Plott, this may be just the trick. Wheaton and Felicia Day have created a new series called <i>Tabletop</i> which consists of a ser

Scrolldit: I Heard You Liked Scrolling Reddit So I Put Scrolling In Your Reddit

Created by a young man named Jonathan Bouman, <a HREF="">Scrolldit</a> is a thing that scrolls Reddit for you, thereby allowing you to avoid the hard, hard job of scrolling
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