• Fujitsu Goes After Consumers With N6420 Media Center, A Series Notebooks

    Fujitsu’s typically gone after the business market in the U.S. with its LifeBook series of laptops. But now it appears to be bulking up its lineup with three consumer-oriented multimedia systems, the N6420 and two new A series notebooks. The most notable feature on the N6420 is the inclusion of an HD DVD drive for viewing (not burning, though) high-def movies on the 17-inch… Read More

  • Fujitsu Gets Into The Solid-State Game

    Fujitsu has announced that they will begin offering 16GB and 32GB Solid State Disks in their Lifebook Q and B series laptops. The drives are manufactured by Samsung, and you’re going to want one if you’re looking for durability, less weight, extended battery life, and, theoretically, more speed in the boot process. The price is something to be reckoned with, though. It’s going… Read More

  • Fujitsu Turntable PC: No Microphone?

    This is a concept design by Fujitsu that popped up in Japan at CEATEC. While we don’t usually talk about concepts — they rarely come to fruition — it is important to look at it from a UI standpoint. Laptop makers are just now figuring out that there is a wealth of real estate on the laptop lid and adding little WiFi buttons and other claptrap. However, this media… Read More

  • Fujitsu + E-Ink = Color Hearts

    Oh, snap! While Sony was busy whining about the production woes and the dubiously “high demand” of its lackluster PRS-500, Fujitsu went and made color e-ink. And what’s better, there is already a working prototype in a respectably small case. This new setup had a 4.7 x 6.3 inch display and can project 4096 colors. It has 32MB of on-board memory and a miniSD expansion slot. Read More

  • Fujitsu Laptops Join the Sony Battery Recall

    Fujitsu’s just announced that it’s recalling 287,000 batteries – all made by Sony. The company joins Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Sony itself in recalling batteries, which pushes the grand total of recalled units to 7.6 million. Acer reportedly talked to Sony earlier this week about recalling batteries, but hasn’t issued a recall just yet. If you’ve got a… Read More

  • Fujitsu Drops Four New Laptops

    I don’t mean they literally dropped four laptops, that’d be bad. Actually though I wonder how many laptops are dropped and destroyed in productions and distribution. Anyone have a figure? Ah crap, I’m digressing. Fujitsu announced today the release of four new laptops to its Biblio and LOOX lines. Surprisingly none of these systems feature a Merom, but one of them does sport… Read More

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