• TC Gadgets Weekly Webcast: Galaxy Tab 8.9

    TechCrunch Gadgets Webcast: The Standing Desk

    This week we bring you the Fujifilm X10, the Galaxy Tab 8.9, and my new standing desk. The standing desk, incidentally, is my second desk, which puts me firmly in the 1% camp when it comes to home workstations. Read More

  • Pictures Of Fujifilm’s EVIL Camera Leaked – It Looks Fantastic

    Pictures Of Fujifilm’s EVIL Camera Leaked – It Looks Fantastic

    Fujifilm’s retro-styled X100 threw the photography world into a loop with its combination of retro styling, serious photo chops, and the actually innovative “hybrid viewfinder.” I had my issues with it, but it still hits me right in my retro-bone, and I look forward to the future installments in the X-line. Which brings us to today’s news. Pictures have leaked of the… Read More

  • FinePix REAL 3D V3: Fujifilm’s Naked-Eye 3D Photoframe Supports 3D Playback From Other Devices

    FinePix REAL 3D V3: Fujifilm’s Naked-Eye 3D Photoframe Supports 3D Playback From Other Devices

    Digital photo frames are a dime a dozen nowadays, and recently, 3D models have been popping up, too. Fujifilm today announced the FinePix REAL 3D V3, a so-called “digital viewer” that displays pictures in 3D and doesn’t require users to wear glasses. The company says its new device is the first in the world to support 3D movie and picture playback and compatibility to other… Read More

  • Fujifilm’s X-Series EVIL Camera To Be “Premium,” Not Micro Four Thirds

    Fujifilm’s X-Series EVIL Camera To Be “Premium,” Not Micro Four Thirds

    Fujifilm’s X100 captivated the photography world during its hype period, and though it wasn’t the ultimate camera some expected (I loved the device but took issue with its controls), it represents an interesting new brand strategy for the company. But they’re still figuring it out. The cheaper but still cool X10 is the logical mid-range version, though the X-S1 superzoom… Read More

  • Fujifilm Makes The X10 High-End Compact Official

    Fujifilm Makes The X10 High-End Compact Official

    Earlier this week, I posted a review of the Fujifilm X100, a unique and highly-anticipated camera that, while compelling, I felt simply wasn’t living up to its own promises. But we’ve been hearing rumors for weeks about a model for half the price that offers the same styling and high quality build, but compromises on sensor size and omits the sweet hybrid rangefinder/EVF. Fujifilm… Read More

  • Review: Fujifilm X100

    Review: Fujifilm X100

    A unique and powerful camera hampered by uneven attention to detail and an inadequate menu system. For a camera so strongly and effectively focused on going back to basics, the legacy of ugly menus, slow focus, and chintzy dials seems especially out of place. In this case, beauty truly only is skin deep. Except for the fabulous lens and sensor, I should say. Read on for our somewhat… Read More

  • Fujifilm X10/X50 Leaked In Old-Fashioned Catalog Style

    Fujifilm X10/X50 Leaked In Old-Fashioned Catalog Style

    I love printed materials. Not just because they’re great in their own right, but because sometimes, due to the restrictions of printing and mailing delays, they break news a little early. In this case, Fujifilm’s rumored X10/X50, little brother to the much-loved X100, has shown up in the Promaster catalog, complete with specs and pic. Read More

  • Rumor: The Fujifilm X10 Announcement Coming Soon, Should Pack Retro Hotness For $599

    Rumor: The Fujifilm X10 Announcement Coming Soon, Should Pack Retro Hotness For $599

    The Fujufilm X100 (pictured) is quietly becoming a favorite among the photography nerds thanks to its capable sensor, fair price and oh-so-hawt retro digs. But even though the price is fully justified by its performance, it’s out of reach of some aspiring shooters. No worries. The Fujifilm X10 is set to be announced within the coming weeks and should hit at a lot lower price point. Read More

  • Fujifilm Plans To Make Big Camera Push, Release EVIL Model

    Fujifilm’s popular and beautiful X100 has been making a lot of waves lately, so you might not guess that Fuji isn’t exactly the hottest camera maker on the block. Sure, they’re in fifth place as far as volume goes, but they’ve decided that’s not good enough, and plan to move all the way up to third. Hey, if they can duplicate the success of the X100, it… Read More

  • Firmware Fixes On The Way For Fujifilm X100

    I’d like to say I’ve had my problems with the X100, but since inventory is so tight, they haven’t had a chance to get us one to review yet. But from everything I’ve heard, it’s a great camera with some really half-baked firmware. Fujifilm is hoping to address this with an update that makes some functions harder to accidentally set or reset and improves performance… Read More

  • Note To The Obsessed: Fujifilm's X100 Should Resume Shipping Next Week

    The beautiful and potentially functional X100 has had its US release delayed for some time, first because of enormous popularity and limited inventory, and then because of the natural disasters striking Japan. Other tech industries were hit hard as well, but they seem to be gradually picking up the pieces as relief and reconstruction begin. Fujifilm says that cameras should reach stores at… Read More

  • Look, A Fujifilm X100 Next To A Leica M3

    While it’s not the carbon copy some seem to think it is, the X100 does take a lot of design cues from Leica and this generation of cameras in general. I’m dying to get my hands on one of these, though that $1200 price tag is a little intimidating. Lots more comparison pics and other X100 porn at Nokton’s Flickr page. [via 43rumors and PetaPixel] Read More

  • Japan Prepares Mass-Production Of Bendable ICs For Roll-up TVs Etc.

    Bendable integrated circuits aren’t new, but now a total of 27 Japanese companies and institutions are working on bendable ICs that can be commercialized and mass-produced as early as 2015. According to Japanese business daily The Nikkei, the organizations involved include Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic… Read More

  • Fujifilm Finally Makes The X100 Officially Official

    Although I would have said that a camera is “official” when you announce it and make a whole microsite about it, Fujifilm is slightly less cavalier about their camera lineup, and only today are making the gorgeous and powerful X100 truly real. We’ve talked about it before, even played with it at CES, but I’ll just put the final specs and info here for good measure. The… Read More

  • First Previews Of Fujifilm X100 Start Popping Up

    My love for the X100 is no secret. I was excited when it was announced, ecstatic to get my hands on it, and even named it my personal best of show at CES. So I’m a little jealous (but I understand, Fujifilm, I understand) that a few photo outlets on the net are getting their units for hands-on previews. DP Review’s is practical and thorough, as usual, and Norwegian site Akam.no… Read More

  • Fujifilm's Anti-Counterfeiting Watermarks Are Just Cool-Looking

    If you’re a big manufacturer of media and components like Fujifilm or Sandisk, you need to make sure that products on the market are actually from your factories and not some knockoff that just copied your packaging. Counterfeits can be remarkably like the real thing (as any counterfeiter can tell you), and it’s a constant race between the thief and the thieved to be able to show… Read More

  • Quick Hands-On: Fujifilm's Gorgeous X100

    Oh man, I was so pumped to get my hands on this thing. This is the beautiful retro-styled, APS-C sensored, dial-covered compact camera we heard about a few months back, and immediately fell in love with. It’s got a “hybrid viewfinder” that either works as a regular see-through thing with overlay, or you can flip a switch and it becomes an EVF. Plus, just look at that sucker. Read More

  • Fujifilm US Giving Away W3 3D Camera On Twitter

    Ever wanted to win one of those Fujifilm 3D cameras, the W3 3D? You know where this is going: Fujifilm has a little Twitter contest going on right now (it runs through the end of the month), and if you win it, bam! You’ll be taking 3D photos in no time. Read More

  • Fujifilm FinePix X100 Combines Versatile Digital Power With Insanely Good Looks

    Wow, Fujifilm. Just… wow. This is an amazing piece of work. The FinePix X100 is… not really comparable to anything on the market. It’s got the sensor of a DSLR (12-megapixel APS-C) but is set up like an old-school rangefinder, with an actual optical viewfinder. Or rather, a hybrid viewfinder, since they can overlay information on it like an EVF… but it’s still a… Read More

  • New Fujifilm W3 3D Point And Shoot Does 3D At 720p

    3D cameras haven’t really caught on yet for a number of reasons, but nobody told Fujifilm; they’re going right ahead with a new version of the W1, their 3D point-and-shoot from last year. The new one improves photo processing (reduces 3D artifacts like doubling), increases the size of the LCD to 3.5″/800×480 (it’s autostereoscopic, so you can see 3D without… Read More