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  • DOE small biz voucher awards include vehicles and fuel cells

    DOE small biz voucher awards include vehicles and fuel cells

    The US Department of Energy has awarded $8 million in Small Business Vouchers to 43 businesses, including ten projects aimed at making hydrogen fuel cells cheaper and more efficient, and six projects that will improve vehicle fuel efficiency, including better batteries. In addition to funding from the DOE, participants in this second round of the SBV project will be working with 12 of the… Read More

  • I Drove Toyota’s Car Of The Future And It Was Boring

    I Drove Toyota’s Car Of The Future And It Was Boring

    While Tesla is getting everyone excited about the idea of sexy electric cars in every driveway, Toyota has been working on a different technological roadmap: the carmaker that made the hybrid category with the Prius thinks that the next generation of cars will be fueled by hydrogen, and it’s going to beat everyone to market with a model coming next year. Read More

  • ClearEdge Power Wins $2.8 Million Grant To Evangelize Fuel Cells

    On Tuesday, ClearEdge Power— a cleantech startup that makes 5-kilowatt stationary fuel cells— announced that it won a $2.8 million grant from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to gets its technology out to the market more quickly. Targeted customers for ClearEdge Power include the owners and operators of hotels, groceries, schools, medical centers and fast food… Read More

  • America's First Pipeline-Fed, Hydrogen Fueling Station Now Open In Los Angeles

    America’s first pipeline-fed, retail hydrogen fueling station opened in Torrance, California, within Los Angeles county on Tuesday. The station will provide hydrogen for fuel cell and hybrid vehicles in the area. It was built through a joint effort by Toyota, Air Products and Shell alternative energies, with funding from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the U.S. Read More

  • Alternative Energy: A Guide To Greening Your Home

    Alternative energy is a growing market, and though many states offer tax credits, rebates, and other incentives to promote clean energy, it can still prove to be an expensive proposition. It generally also requires plugging your energy source into the grid so you’re not left in the dark when the wind calms or the sun lingers behind clouds. Here is a roundup of solutions that can help power… Read More

  • Horizon shipping their cheap fuel cell

    Now this is good news – provided there isn’t a fuel cell hydrogen spill somewhere off the coast of Nova Scotia tomorrow. Horizon has been promising their liquid fuel cell for years but now they’re actually selling them. It costs $100, comes with two fuel cartridges, and offers as much power as “1,000 AA batteries,” allowing you to charge almost anything using… Read More

  • Use a fuel cell to see how drunk you are this holiday season

    Worried that Uncle John might be hitting the Night Train a little too hard this holiday season? Well, now you can keep a closer eye on him, and avoid that lawsuit when he crashes into that parked cop car. Read More

  • Dynario: Toshiba finally commercializes fuel cell for mobile devices

    Toshiba has been announcing fuel cells for home use for ages now, but it seems the announcement [press release in English] they made today is really serious. The company has unveiled the Dynario today, a mini fuel cell that can charge mobile devices on the go. Japanese mobile gadget geeks can already order the fuel cell on Toshiba Japan’s online store (where it’s available… Read More

  • Panasonic unveils Lithium-Ion battery module and home fuel cell cogeneration facility

    Panasonic has on display at CEATEC a “1.5 kWh battery module [made] from 18650-type (18 mm in diameter x 65 mm in length) lithium-ion battery cells, which are widely used in laptop computers, to provide energy storage solutions for a wide range of environmentally friendly energy technologies.” String a couple of these suckers together to store the juice collected from the solar… Read More

  • Toshiba makes those yet-to-be-commercialized mini fuel cells smaller

    Fuel cells, those electrochemical conversion devices, which are supposed to make the lives of gadget freaks easier, are still a hot topic in the alternative energy sector even though the technology hasn’t penetrated the mass market yet. Toshiba, for example, has been experimenting with fuel cells for quite some time now. And the company has now announced the development of a fuel-cell… Read More

  • New fuel cell boasts the world's highest level of energy efficiency

    Fuel cell technology is evolving at a rapid speed, it seems. In March, for example, Toshiba revealed plans to mass-produce portable fuel cells charging notebooks and phones. Now NGK Insulators, a company based in Nagoya, Japan, announced [JP] that it has developed the world’s most energy-efficient solid oxide fuel cell. Read More

  • Hitachi develops world's most powerful li-ion battery for hybrid vehicles

    Hitachi seems to have made a major leap forward in the development of “green” vehicles. The company claims it has developed the world’s most efficient lithium-ion battery for hybrid cars, topping previous Hitachi batteries by an impressive 70% in output density. Read More

  • New fuel cell boasts world's highest level of efficiency

    Japanese companies NTT, Toho Gas and Sumitomo Precision Products have achieved a major leap forward in the production of efficient fuel cells. Their new and jointly developed fuel cell system [JP] boasts record-high efficiency (in the field of commercial applications, at least). Read More

  • Toshiba to finally begin mass-producing portable fuel cells

    Japan’s biggest newspaper, the Nikkei, is reporting that Toshiba is finally ready to roll out portable fuel cells for the mass market (as of this writing, Toshiba’s Japanese website doesn’t have any information on this yet). The company even announced a fuel-cell powered cell phone in October last year, but it doesn’t seem likely we get to see that handset by the end… Read More

  • Sony prototypes palm-sized hybrid fuel cell

    Mini fuel cells are a hot topic in the electronics industry as a whole, and companies such as Hitachi, Panasonic and Toshiba showed a number of promising products that are soon to be commercialized. Now Sony follows with a (hybrid) fuel cell system that is sized at just 50x30mm. Read More

  • Hitachi nearly halves size of methanol-based fuel cell

    Hitachi announced today [JP] it has developed a methanol-based fuel cell, which is 45% smaller than the company’s existing fuel cells. Hitachi also claims its quieter and “greener” than power generators fueled by gas or diesel. The 100W prototype can generate power for about 1.5 hours on 0.45 liter of methanol. Read More

  • Review: Medis 24/7 Power Pack fuel cell charger

    Short Version: The Medis 24/7 Power Pack makes for a good, easy-to-use emergency charging kit to keep in the car or for use anywhere without access to conventional power. At $30 to $50, it’s relatively inexpensive as long as you use it sparingly. Read More

  • Panasonic develops world's smallest notebook fuel cell

    Panasonic today announced [JP] it developed the world’s smallest fuel cell for use in notebooks, reducing the size of its predecessor by 50%. The new model is sized at 270cc, which makes it as small as existing lithium ion batteries used in notebooks currently on the market. Panasonic says the fuel cell will be positioned at the underside of notebooks and provides about 20 hours of… Read More

  • Hydrogen Road Tour ’08 completes cross-country trip

    For the past two weeks hydrogen fuel cell cars have been lighting up the nation’s highways on a cross-country trip designed to showcase the emerging technology. This last weekend, they rolled into the Los Angeles Coliseum completing their trip that started in Portland, Maine. Not only was the demonstration designed to be a positive reinforcement about the road-worthiness of the cars… Read More