• Wearables: A Pandora’s Box For Security? Crunch Network

    Wearables: A Pandora’s Box For Security?

    As many have noted, we’re entering a new era where wearable gadgets — from watches and fitness bands to glasses and health aids — are at the forefront of the new technological revolution. A PricewaterhouseCooper’s report´╗┐ found that more than 20 percent of U.S. adults already own at least one wearable, and estimates that soon we’ll be using them at home and work… Read More

  • Welcome To The Beta: Windows 8 Will Succeed, Despite All The FUD

    Welcome To The Beta: Windows 8 Will Succeed, Despite All The FUD

    Microsoft is already screwing it up. Microsoft can’t win. Windows 8 is sunk. Seriously: to read the headlines this last week you’d think Microsoft wasn’t still one of the premier tech manufacturers in the world. While I would agree that it faces a number of challenges, both from Apple and its own OEM partners, Windows 8 will thud into the landscape with more a bang and much… Read More

  • Garmin tries to scare EU users away from smartphone navigation options

    Garmin is starting to feel the heat from smartphones with built in navigation, so they’d like you to know (at least if you live in Europe) that some phone plans will make using your phone expensive. Isn’t that thoughtful of them? Read More

  • Locals: "Your radio tower gives us rashes!" Company: "You mean the one that's been off all this time?"

    The readers of this blog are probably far to well-informed to take part in the “electromagnetic allergy” FUD and NIMBYism. I’m sure it’s clear to you guys that we’re all saturated with various forms of radiation all the time, and having a radio tower by your house isn’t likely to do anything other than mess with your reception. But the residents of Craigavon… Read More

  • P2P "jeopardizes national security," jailbreaking "desirable to drug dealers"

    Claims of the day
    Oh dear. Apple and the Federal Government have both lost all connection with reality. I mean, it’s not like there was much to begin with, but this is like a policy debate Godwin. It seems that the activities you and I think of as simply illegal and/or unwanted (jailbreaking and P2P software), are a clear and present danger to this country and everyone in it. Read More

  • The final word on Microsoft's recent FUD

    Macalope wrote a great analysis deconstructing the arguments made by the MS “Apple Tax” document as well as all of those freaky little commercials they’ve released so far. Here its. Feel free to frame it: WRONG: Roger Kay’s Microsoft-sponsored “Apple tax” analysis is out of line! Let me show you a detailed analysis of how he pads and distorts the costs! Read More

  • Think your satellite dish is secure? It's not.

    From TV to internet, most people think that their satellite dish connection is secure and unhackable. Well, it’s not. Using equipment that he built himself for under $1000, UK resident Adam Laurie has discovered a way to intercept everything from email to closed circuit broadcasts. Read More

  • Crack WPA ten thousand percent faster with CUDA!

    If you’re really in a hurry to “recover” that password from the WPA-secured wi-fi network you’re “sharing” with a neighbor, you’re going to be waiting a long time for that brute force crack to work on your old traditional processor. Why not make yourself a tool using NVIDIA’s parallel processing environment CUDA and run it on a nice GeForce GTX… Read More

  • Study: Wind power = nightmares, inner-ear disturbances – I say FUD

    I have to say, I’m pretty skeptical of this study. On the surface it seems pretty straightforward: most of the families who lived near wind farms had a similar (if vague) constellation of symptoms including sleep trouble, nightmares, migraines, and other generically scary stuff. Dr. Nina Pierpont suggests this is an effect of long-term exposure of the inner ear to low-frequency… Read More

  • Why Windows users don't like Macs: They're ignorant!

    I always try to be generous and kind when the mentally deficient come to my doorstep selling candy or trying to convince me Windows is great. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes III Esq., a ZDNet blogger, tries to inform us why Apple is better than Windows and/or vice versa and just ends up confusing us all. In the end, however, he believes that people don’t switch to Macs because of the time it… Read More

  • Microsoft: gPhone is lies and fabrications, Windows Mobile great, you people know nothing

    Scott “The Rock” Rockfeld sat down with InformationWeek to discuss the Google Phone, Google’s purchase of mobile spectrum, how great Google is, and how super Google is. His assessment? Google is stupid heads and Windows Mobile is on 11 million phones and Google is for dumb heads. The real money shot? Get ready… when asked what hot MS products are coming up — a… Read More

  • Microsoft Cans Linux FUD Site, Launches Windows Server Site

    Way back in the day, when Linux wasn’t much of a desktop threat, Microsoft launched a site called “Get the Facts” that featured a 2002 study comparing the cost of ownership of Linux versus Windows. The new site, which is a bit less combative, compares Windows Server to Linux and Unix and offers a few case studies — nothing as nasty as hiring analysts to shill for the… Read More

  • New Mac Ad: Porky PCs, Thin Mint Macs

    Another day, another Mac ad. Here, John Hodgman, the PC character, is the morbidly obese embodiment of the trial software OEM manufactures such as Dell and HP ship with their PCs. However, Justin Long, the Mac character, remains thin and crapware free. Apple is rather cheeky with this advertisement insinuating that every Windows machine on the market comes with preloaded trial software… Read More