• Eye-Fi goes FTP

    The Eye-Fi card is famous for being a cool, fun way to upload, inadvertently, images of you and your friends naked or on the toilet. Now, however, you can upload those naked photos to your local FTP/FTPS server. This service allows you to bypass standard photo-sharing sites like Flickr and dump your stuff up unfettered by the limitations placed upon us by photo sites. Read More

  • Review: Addonics USB NAS adapter

    We mentioned the Addonics USB NAS adapter in mid-December, and I’ve just finished playing with a review unit. As you can see from the photo, this thing is small! There’s a lot to say about this simple little device, so read on for the whole scoop! It’s got a USB port, an RJ-45 port, and a small socket for the power cord. Along one side are two status LEDs, and a reset button. Read More

  • Create Beautiful 3D Landscapes With Your Pirated Downloads

    Those of you who pirate or download via P2P quite a bit might want to check out Packet Garden. Designed to create a 3D model landscape from your P2P traffic, this software is perfect for getting high and putting P2P software towards a good use. It’s open-source as well, which means you can modify it to your hearts content. Packet Garden will listen to traffic from apps like Limewire… Read More