• Seeking To Defuse Tensions, Samsung Opens Dialogue With XDA-Dev Forum

    Samsung Mobile has started a sort of outreach initiative for the members of the influential XDA Developers forum. The forum has been a hotbed of activity of late vis-à-vis Samsung, particularly since we’re nearly one year passed the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo) and it’s still not available on the Verizon Wireless variant of the Galaxy S, the Fascinate Read More

  • T-mobile Samsung Vibrant Froyo update begins today, T-mobile commits to 3-5 month Android update turn-around

    There’s nothing quite like an Android update to make your day just that much better, so you T-mobile Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S) owners out there are set for a great weekend, as today — January 21 — marks the day that Froyo begins to make its way onto Vibrant handsets. Read More

  • Rumour: Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update coming day after Christmas

    Even if all you Samsung Epic 4G owners out there were particularly naughty this year, Sprint will give you some festive love the day after Christmas: a much anticipated Froyo update for your favourite toy. Of course, Froyo is by now getting a little stale, with the much fresher (and festively themed) Gingerbread on the scene, but that doesn’t mean you guys won’t enjoy the extra… Read More

  • Archos Tablets Now Shipping With Froyo

    We posted a video a little while back of Froyo running on Archos’ recently-released Android tablets, and figured that the real rollout must be happening soon. Well, that seems to be the case, as the 28, 43, 70, and 101 models are now (or will be soon) shipping with Android 2.2 baked right on in. Read More

  • Archos Gen8 Series Getting Android 2.2 Soon

    Good news for the Archos fans out there who’ve been waiting on the Froyo update since the new line’s introduction in August. It seems that the time is drawing near when you will have it running officially on your tablet &mdsah; though you certainly might have hacked it on there before now. This is the official build, much less risk of bricking. Read More

  • Verizon Tweets: Android 2.2 Froyo For Droid Happening Today

    If it’s on twitter, it must be twue. @VZWSupport announced this morning that the long awaited update to Android 2.2 for the Incredible has started rolling out today. Users should see the update hitting their handsets this morning, so you too can enjoy Flash and app storage on your SD card. This of course assumes you didn’t find the leaked ROM yesterday and install it yourself… Read More

  • Froyo Ported To the HD2

    If you picked up the HD2 and realized that you basically bought a WinMo lemon, never fear. Some charming Italian men have ported Android 2.2 Froyo to the HD2 and it seems to run everything perfectly. Basically if you run their hack, which is available here, you turn your WinMo 6.5 phone into the a Droid X or EVO 4G. Great, right? Read More

  • Don't Want To Wait For Next Week? Download Android 2.2 For Your EVO Now

    Disclaimer: You brick your phone doing this, don’t blame me. I’m just letting you know you can do this, not telling you that you should. That being said, if you’re feeling saucy and want to download the latest version of Android for the EVO now instead of waiting until it rolls out naturally, you can do it. You just have to download the update directly from HTC, and do some… Read More

  • Adobe Starts Shipping Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile – Let The Real Testing Begin

    About 7 months after the release of Flash Player 10.1 for desktops (beta), Adobe has today announced it has shipped its mobile sister to partners worldwide. Adobe unveiled a beta version of Flash Player for Android about a month ago, but has been dabbling with bringing Flash to mobile devices – including Android handsets – for much, much longer. Make no mistake about it: Adobe… Read More

  • Is this a Droid running Android 2.2?

    Call us skeptical but we’re not quite sure this is legit. A regular on myDroidWorld’s forums just posted a bunch of screenshots that are supposed to be a Droid running Froyo. There are shots of the app launcher, new Car Home, the camera, and updated search options. Really everything but the About Phone screen which will show the phone’s model number, firmware, and kernal… Read More

  • Google Confirms Froyo Launch: "The roll out to Nexus One devices has begun!"

    Last last night (early this morning) there was some confusion about our post indicating that Android 2.2, Froyo, had started to roll out. Some thought we had Photoshopped the pictures (I wish I was that good at Photoshop), others though we were just using the developer build, and others thought we got some sort of special press copy. But rest easy people, I have in my inbox a confirmation… Read More

  • A Late Night Froyo Treat! Android 2.2 Goes Live On The Nexus One

    A Late Night Froyo Treat! Android 2.2 Goes Live On The Nexus One

    Sometimes there are advantages to staying up really late at night. I had just laid down in my bed to try and get some sleep before an early flight to New York tomorrow when I remembered I hadn’t charged my Nexus One. I reached over to my bedside table to grab it, and I see an alert letting me know a system update is available. Having just read numerous reports that Android 2.2 would… Read More

  • Froyo For Android: Tethering, Enterprise-Friendly, Handles More Monsters

    Right now at Google I/O engineering VP Vic Gundotra is going over all the new features of Android’s newest release, dubbed Froyo. It is chock full of updates, including WiFi tethering (told ya), Microsoft Exchange support, APIs for enterprise device management, faster Javascript performance, auto-updating apps, and a new way to send data from a computer to an Android phone. The… Read More