• Meet Feel UX: Sharp’s Answer To HTC’s Sense And Samsung’s TouchWiz

    Meet Feel UX: Sharp’s Answer To HTC’s Sense And Samsung’s TouchWiz

    Every Android device manufacturer has at one point or another pondered how to make their devices stand out in a crowded field of competitors. There are plenty of ways to tackle that question but Sharp is taking a tried and true approach for their newest Japan-only smartphones — throwing their own custom UI over the stock Android experience, thanks to a little help from global design… Read More

  • MB&F HM3 Frog Zr Watch

    Behold the HM3 Frog Zr, aka “Black Frog,” the newest highly limited watch from MB&F – there will only be 18 pieces. Unless I am mistaken, this is the first watch offered by the boutique brand done in zirconium (hence the Zr part of the name). Zirconium is a rare metal similar to titanium, but known to be more robust. According to MB&F, most zirconium is used in… Read More

  • MB&F Horlogical Machine No. 3 "Chocolate Frog" Watch

    As part of high-end watch forum’s 10th anniversary, MB&F will offer a (more) limited edition version of their Horological Machine No. 3 “The Frog” watch called “The Chocolate Frog.” MB&F is really rewarding their fans and early adopters with this move. There are a fair number of happy MB&F watch owners who are part of the… Read More

  • Poisonous Frog-Inspired PC Mod Is Best Of The Bunch

    Computer Shopper held a little PC mod contest and that hulking thing up there is the winner. Designed by a certain Dan Soules, it’s meant to evoke the coloring of an African dart frog while simultaneously being easily upgradeable. Read More

  • FROG Interface

    Want a new homepage for your mobile handset or other portable device that makes it easier to get to the mobile Web sites you use the most? Hop over to FROG, where you can add direct access to mobile Web sites to your phone. This new homepage is free, and offers customizable links and colors. Users register online at, and do the initial set up from a PC, selecting which sites… Read More