Friend Connect

  • Google Experimenting With Browser Login For Chrome OS

    Google has made a change to Chrome OS to move the user login from the machine to the browser. Our guess is Google is, or will eventually use, Google Friend Connect to facilitate login. The feature was first mentioned on October 13: “Using Chrome as our login manager has a number of potential benefits.
    Explore these tradeoffs and decide what to do about the login manager.” The code… Read More

  • Soon, All Your Blog Comments Will Belong To Facebook (Or Google)

    There are way too many comment login systems out there. Each blogging platform (WordPress, Typepad, Blogger) has its own login system, then there are the cross-platform commenting systems like Disqus and JS-KIT. But many of these will soon give way to Facebook Connect and Google’s Friend Connect. I am talking about just the ID people use to login, not the commenting systems themselves. Read More

  • Now You Can Sign Into Friend Connect Sites With Your Twitter ID

    Google’s universal sign-in system, Friend Connect, which just opened to all Websites two weeks ago, now accepts Twitter IDs as a sign-in option. That means when you visit a participating Website that accepts Friend Connect as a log-in option, you can sign in using your Twitter account. If any of the people you follow on Twitter are also members of the third-party site, they will… Read More