• g++: Google Acquires Privacy-Centric Social Network ‘Fridge’

    g++: Google Acquires Privacy-Centric Social Network ‘Fridge’

    When Google+ launched late last month, touting a heavy focus on privacy and making sure you’re only sharing content with the people you mean to, my mind drifted back to a pair of startups that launched with similar ambitions. Specifically: Multiply and Fridge. Multiply has since shifted to focus more on e-commerce and is now owned by Naspers, but YC-funded Fridge has been chugging away… Read More

  • Hitachi fridge emits Vitamin C to keep frozen food fresh

    Hitachi announced in Japan [JP] they will start selling the R-Y6000, a new refrigerator capable of emitting Vitamin C to keep stored food fresh, on September 24. The fridge is Nippon-only at this point. Hitachi sells a number of fridges on the Japanese market that lower the oxygen density via an integrated pump. But the R-Y6000 additionally is eqipped with a Vitamin C emission system that… Read More

  • From the Vaults of Why? LG HDTV Fridge

    Today we open up The Vaults of Why? for yet another product: the LG LSC27990 refrigerator. This $4,000 appliance features the popular two door fridge and freezer design. It also comes standard with a 15-inch LCD HDTV in the door. Why anyone should need an HDTV built into their fridge is beyond me, but if you’ve found yourself wishing there was a TV there when you open it to get… Read More

  • WaveBox: Portable Microwave Kicks Ass

    In early July, as you’re camped out for Transformers (you know who you are), you’ll want to take this WaveBox with you. It’s a microwave oven that draws its power from your mom’s car’s cigarette lighter, meaning that when your buddy in the Galvatron suit (n00b) saves your place in line, you can zap yourself a burrito. Bonus nerd points if you refer to this device… Read More

  • Samsung Fridge Puts Rachael Ray On Ice

    Oh, how I wish I had this fridge for my Rachael Ray cooking needs. The Samsung RH269 wireless fridge comes with a 10.4-inch color TFT touch-panel tablet that features a digital memo pad, wireless TV/Radio, digital scheduler and food-management software. The tablet is detachable from the refrigerator door and runs on a 2400mAH Lithium Ion three-cell battery, according to the product… Read More