The invisible @apple tweet

Here's a silly thing because it is the ass end of a Friday. Apple just started using the Twitter account — @apple — that they've had since 2011. And they're using it to send out an 'invisible' twe

“Let me see your phone”

Here’s one for your Friday . An older video, unearthed by Twitter user @iamjamajesty a few days ago has been blowing up on the network. This group poem, performed by Morgan “MoMo”

Sequoia And Qualcomm Put $1 Million+ Into Dexetra, Makers Of Friday, The Search Engine For Your Life

<a target="_blank" href="">Dexetra</a>, the makers of <a target="_blank" href="">Friday</a>, a contextual personal search application for Android, has r

Now You Can Ask Your Smartphone About The Past, Present Or Future: Android’s Siri-Like Assistant Iris Gets Integrated With Activity-Tracker Friday

Dexetra, the company behind <a href="">the Siri-like Android app Iris</a> and <a href="

Intelligent, Context-Aware Personal Assistant App “Friday” Makes Its Public Debut

How appropriate. That <a target="_blank" href="">crazy Android personal assistant app called Friday</a> is debuting today, on a Friday. Marketing genius! <a target="_blank" hr

Friday: A Personal Assistant That Remembers What You’ve Done

In the spirit of connecting your phone's activity to the cloud, a trend that has inspired <a href="">one

Watch This Delightful Crowdsourced Star Wars Fan Film Immediately

You can't always count on the wisdom of crowds. But this particular project turned out not merely good, but <em>amazing</em>. <a href="">Star Wars Uncut</a> is a project b

Rebecca Black Means The (Internet) Fame Game Has Changed

<img src="" />The video for Rebecca Black's "Friday" now has more YouTube views than Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

Clocky: A Brief Video Review

It’s Friday, it feels like Spring, and Clocky has invaded CrunchGear HQ (well, my place at least). Check out the above video for a humorous, informative review on one of the coolest alarm clocks