• FreeYourID Gives Up On Trying To Monetize OpenID

    In an e-mail to its user base and with a short notice on its main website, FreeYourID has announced that it will be shutting down its service after nearly two years and a half in business. After August 15, the web service will be discontinued without a hint of explanation about the reason for the folding, although we suspect it may have something to do with VeriSign taking over the… Read More

  • FreeYourID: Personalized OpenID

    FreeYourID is a new web service that allows users to register a personal .Name domain name which in turn can be used as an OpenID identifier, website URL and email host. Your domain name will be in the format of and the domain can then be directed to a website, host email aliases or more interestingly, be used as login credentials for services that support OpenID. For those of… Read More